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15 Professional Unpacking Secrets from Our London Movers

posted: 13th May

unpacking in a London houseRelocating to a new home can cause all sorts of emotions from being excited and happy to having to deal with loads of stress and anxiety. All specialised house movers know these feelings and try to help as much as possible to reduce the negative ones. Removing to London is a big step and there are tons of things you can do to make the journey easier. We decided to focus our attention on the heavy and often dull task of unpacking. Here are 15 secrets that will help you immensely performing this chore.

Plan for Your Future Unpacking

The first but most important step is to create a deliberate unpacking plan even before you start boxing your belongings. Take a piece of paper and make a sketch of your new home. Imagine where you want to put the furniture, which side, the TV is going to face and what you want to display on your living room shelves. Make a detailed list of everything you wish to arrange. This way you will be ready when you move to your new London home.

Moving Is Not Easy

We constantly say this because it’s true. There are so many variables in home relocations that you need to prepare yourself of extremities. Prepare a box with all of your essential and everything you think you will need the first couple of days at the new house. You will unpack it before the other creates. This box will also travel with you so if you end up in a hotel you will have a spare change of clothes and toiletries.

The Magic of Smart Packing

If you want to unpack fast, you firstly need to properly pack. It is simple logic. Here is what you need to do:

  • Packing for a house moving in LondonLabel each box with the name of the room and the number in which you wish to unpack it.
  • Use your detailed checklist to assign items to boxes and give them the correct number.
  • Don’t put too many things in one place. It is better to use multiple crates than one big one, you cant lift without help.
  • Don’t overdo it with the bubble wrap and packing paper or else the unpacking will be a nightmare.
  • When disassembling furniture take your time and write down what you are doing. Put bolts and nits in ziplock bags and label them. Keep everything wrapped together.

When You Arrive at Your New London House

So far so good, you have managed to transport everything to the new location, but the hard part isn’t over yet. Some important moving tasks lay ahead of you:

  • Make sure to properly instruct your mover where you want each box delivered.
  • Inspect all of the boxes for dents or other damages and if you see something out of the ordinary inform your moving company immediately.
  • Most reputable London movers will know how to handle the situation in your best interest.
  • Check the truck or van for forgotten boxes or suitcases.

Unpack Like a Pro

You are finally ready to start ripping open some boxes and reassemble your furniture. In order to do all of this fast our London moving professionals have a few tips for you:

  • cat in an unpacked box in a London homeAssemble your bed first you will need a place to sleep tonight.
  • Move on to unpacking the bathroom boxes.
  • The third room you need to start arranging during your first hours in the new house is the kitchen.
  • All surfaces and floors must be sanitised and cleaned before your arrival, so you should be able to start arranging your belongings right away.
    Use a bin bag to collect all of the wrapping materials you don’t need. It would be great if you are able to sort the rubbish and collect plastic and
  • paper separately.

If you think it is too much work for you, most companies offer different moving services one of which is packing/unpacking. This way you can be certain, all of your items are transported and put in their correct spots at your new London home.


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