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4 Reasons Why Should Relocate to London

posted: 16/07/2018

Moving Home to LondonTaking the decision to relocate to a different city is hard. You have to part with your friends and family and start in a new place with new people. This sounds scary but it could also be a fun and existing experience. The British capital has to offer much to those who are ready to accept its crowded streets and peculiar inhabitants. We have gathered a list of pretty good reasons why you should proceed with your London house moving and become a part of the big capital family.

Removing the City with the Biggest Job Opportunities

London is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. In the past few years, a major effort is put into constructing and developing large business parks and business complexes. The British government has numerous funding programs for the small business as well as for promising startups. London is the place to be if you have a brilliant business idea that needs to grow into a successful company.  This is one of the prime reasons for the increase of London house removals in the last two to three years.

Education System in the British Capital

If you have children or you are searching for a place to continue your education, London is the place for you. The British capital has the best schools and universities in the EU. The education system in the UK is divided into four parts – primary, secondary, further and higher educations. Parents are legally obligated to provide primary and secondary education to their children. There are many options – private schools, state schools or boarding schools, you name it, London has it.

If you have decided to remove to London for its universities you are in luck. The most famous universities in Europe – Cambridge and Oxford, may be outside of London but the capital has 43 outstanding academies for anyone who wants to receive a bachelors, a masters or a PhD. From the Imperial College to the City University you can choose a variety of different subjects and faculties.

Relocate and Taste the Rich History and Cultural lifeHouse removals to a cultural capital

London is one of the oldest cities is full of historical buildings and sites. From the Buckingham Palace to the old city dungeons you can experience every bit of history from the last couple of centuries. In its 2 000 years of existing London has unique archaeological sites and ancient relics.

From the Fashion week to the classical concerts in The Royal Albert Hall, there is something for everybody in the British capital. Be prepared to lose your sleep after your memorable house moving to London, there is just so much to do here. If you are a music lover, you can enjoy the numerous concert in one over 300 venues scatter around the city. There are close to 20 000 performances a year in the capital, surely you will find something for your taste.

For all you food lovers out there, London is full of amazing pubs, charming cafes, high-class restaurants with one or more Michelin stars.

If visiting interesting museums is your passion, we invite to see the Clown museum or the Darwin Center Spirit Collection. Or maybe you would be interested in the creepy Doll museum instead?

Unusual Urban Culture and City Wildlife

Urban explorers and wildlife enthusiasts this is definitely the city for you. Here you can find one of the most amazing parks and suburban areas in Europe. There is so much to be seen from wild herds of deer to peculiar hedgehog highways. The Royal Parks are the crown jewel of London, each is different, each has its own charming fauna and flora. If you are an aspiring photographer or blogger you should relocate to the greenest capital in the EU for a couple of years and closely observe the interesting city dynamics.

If you like to explore old abandoned buildings or scary victorian cemeteries full of witches and vampires, you hit the Jackpot. There are so many urban legends surrounding London and its creepy grave sites, just visit  Highgate Cemetery or Kensal Green Cemetery.

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