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6 Types of Storage and How to Choose the Most Suitable One

posted: 02/09/2019

storage in LondonThere are various reasons one may need a storage unit however few people know how many different types they can choose from. And we are not talking only about size and price. Here we have the most popular options from which you can pick if you are in need of a storage facility in London.

1.Self-storage Units

These units are preferred from those who seek a non-expensive and convenient storage solution. Usually, they are situated in larger warehouses. These rooms have temperature and humidity control. Most companies offer 24/7 surveillance. Self-storages came in different sizes so you can properly fit all of your belongings here.

2. Business Storage

These facilities are specialised only for businesses that are in need of a storage unit. Depending on the things you need to keep there the company can offer you different plans and subscriptions. If you are relocating your business to London, for example, we advise you to look for one such storage as you can properly secure all of your company’s documentation and delicate electronics.

3. Moving storage

The majority of moving companies in London offer to store your items for short periods of time until the relocation process is over. Altho this is a quite pricy option sometimes, you have no choice, especially with international removals. At least this way you will be certain your belongings are protected and safely locked.

4. Mobile Storage

This is a very convenient solution for your troubles as it involves the delivery of a trailer or a wooden/steel volt to a place of your choosing. However, they don’t stay there for long only for the duration of the loading/unloading and then they are picked up back and transported to a storing facility.

The tricky part is you don’t have constant access to your items at all times as with the regular self-storage unit.

container storage in London

5.Container Storage

We are talking about large shipping containers placed in a secured place equipped with 24/7 surveillance and live guards. Depending on the company and the storage services, it offers some containers can be used as mobile units other can be divided into two parts creating smaller and cheaper storages.

6. Lock-up garages

They can be used both for vehicles and for storing items. However, most of these facilities don’t have CCTV surveillance and temperature control. The things you keep in there need to be properly packed and be able to sustain the sudden water changes. These garage units are cheap to rent as they are not very secure. You can use them to store items that you no longer need or use but are not ready to part with.

How to Pick the Right Type of Storage Unit in London

Choosing the right type of storage is not easy especially in a large city like London filled with so many different possibilities. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Investigate the storage company – Check out their site, customer reviews and overall internet presence. You are searching for transparent and trustworthy storage providers located the most convenient, for you, area of London.
  • Insurance and surveillance – Search for companies that offer these two services, especially if you are preparing to store valuable items. You need all the protection you can get.
  • Size matters – Be mindful of your budget and search for a convenient place for you. Sometimes it is more beneficial to rent a bigger unit that is better equipped than picking a smaller mediocre option.question marks

Overall there are four important questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What is my budget?
  • What am I going to keep in the storage?
  • For how long do I need to rent the unit?
  • How often will I need to go to the storage to pick or leave something?

Once you have a clear answer to all of them, you will know which type of facility is for you.

Stephanie Cooper

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