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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Self Storage in London

posted: 24/02/2020

storage warehouse in LondonMore and more people decide every day to trust their belongings in the hands of professionals and rent a unit in one of the big storage facilities in London. There are numerous reasons one might want to rent there but we will pinpoint only the most common ones.

1.When You Just Have Too Many Things

The longer you live at one place the more stuff you start to collect. Slowly your home will start to overflow with things – sports gear, children’s toys, cribs and baby strollers. If you are not ready to part with your items and sell or throw them away, the best solution is renting a self-storage. You can arrange all of the things that otherwise clutter your home. Think about the unit as an extension of your home or as the basement you never had.

2.When The Construction Workers Arrive

From time to time your home needs to be renovated from a simple paint job or building another floor to your house, you have to make some preparations in advance. Rent a storage unit and transfer all of your furniture, carpets and anything that could be damaged by your contractors. This way you will have more space in the home, save money and don’t need to lose your sleep over the damaged couch. Not to mention the clean up after everything is over will be significantly easier.

3.Moving from Another Country

If you have decided to make London your new home, you might need a place to store your belongings while you arrange your housing situation. Sometimes there might be a delay with the arrival of your shipment containers or a problem with the home you just rented/purchased. A great back up plan is to have a place where you can put all of your things without having to worry about them.

toddler room in London4. When You Have Kids

Usually, when you are expecting a baby, you need to make room for lots of new things. But what to do with the old ones? Put them in the storage unit and don’t sweat it. Similar when your children are all grown up and are headed to college you would want to finally use all of the space in your home. Just rent a self-storage and neatly arrange your children’s things there.

5.The Best Way to Keep Sporting Gear

You love to cycle or go canoeing in the summer, but you are also an avid skier, well we have the perfect place for you to store all of your equipment. Most self-storage in London has a 24/7 surveillance as well as the possibility of regulating the humidity and temperature in the unit. Your seasonal sporting gear will be kept in better conditions than the ones in your own home.

6.Having a Hobby

If your family is not on board with your current hobbies like woodcarving or collecting exotic bottles you can always move all activities to your storage. Threat the unit as your own secret personal space and enjoy your alone time. Depending on how much space, you need you can rent a fairly cheap place in London.

7. When You Need Free Space Fast

Sometimes you just need that extra room that you have converted into in-house storage for all sorts of strange things. During the holidays when you can expect a pop-up visit from old friends and family members are the time you will need a free bedroom fast. So why don’t you rent yourself a storage unit and transport all of your belongings there? After everything is over, you can always collect your items and reclaim your spare room.

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