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7 Spooky Places You Need to Visit in London for This Halloween

posted: 28/10/2019

Halloween is almost here and if you have just moved to London now is the perfect time to channel your inner ghostbuster and do some urban exploring. The British capital is one of the oldest cities in Europe has seen a lot from fires, plagues and wars, London is practically swirling with apparitions and lost souls. So leave the unpacking to your trusted moving company and let’s enter the realm of supernatural this October.

spooky cemetery in LondonThe Pet Cemetery in Hyde Park

Hidden behind Victoria Gate Lodge this place can scare the bejesus out of even the bravest of people. It is closed for the public which makes it even more suspicious. The oldest graves are from the 1880s and are the last resting place of more than 300 pets. But this is not the scary part. During the years a lot of rituals and executions have taken place on these grounds. Our advice is to regularly check for special tours around the cemetery, organised from time to time usually during the month of October.

Meet the Ghost of Annie Chapman

You have definitely heard of her altho you ay not that this is her name. This is one of the unfortunate souls who fell victim to Jack the Ripper in the late 1880s. She and Mary Jane Kelly were tightly linked to the Ten Bells Pub in Spitalfields, as it is believed they frequent the local brewery and often piked their clients just outside of its gates. Supernatural experts strongly believe the ghost of Annie Chapman is still present at the pub and there is even evidence of malicious poltergeist activity.

The Most Haunted House in London

If you are planning to relocate to the capital, avoid 50 Berkeley Square, as here is located the most spooky home in London. People can actually go mad if they spend the night at this address as this is what happened to a maid in 1879. The house is inhabited by a couple of malicious and bloodthirsty spirits. One of which is the ghost of a young woman who took her own life and is now haunting the attic of the house. Not only that but there are numerous deadly incidents that happen regularly in the home.

Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

You have definitely heard of this one as there are numerous legends and songs written about this historical landmark. First used as a prison the infamous tower has seen many deaths but maybe the most famous one was this of Ann Boleyn – the wife of King Henry VIII. If you are lucky enough you can spot her beheaded spirit roaming the tower unable to find eternal peace. But that is not all, people believe to have seen many more unfortunate souls trapped in their final place of suffering.

The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery

If you like spooky mysteries you definitely need to visit this location after you move to London. The cemetery has a peculiar history as it was used as a meeting grounds for many Satanic groups. It is believed that during one of their rituals they have actually managed to resurrect the spirit of a Romanian nobleman who practised black magic. Thus, the Highgate vampire was “born.”

Beware of the Chicken Ghost

No really, there have been numerous sightings of a chicken ghost at Pond Square in Highgate. In the early 17th century Sir Francis Bacon, a famous politician and scientist, was searching for a way to preserve meat, so he conducted an experiment. He killed, plucked and stuffed a chicken with the snow leaving it in the cold at the square for a couple of days. He then consumed it and concluded that meat can indeed be frozen. Unfortunately, Sir Bacon died not long after this discovery. Ever since there are reports of a ghostly chicken with no head that is aimlessly roaming Pond Square.

The Haunted Hotel Room

While waiting for your moving company to bring your belongings to London, you may need to stay at a hotel for a couple of days. Well, whatever you do, avoid room 333 at the Langham Hotel in Marylebone. It is believed that it is heavily haunted and it is not only the paranormal enthusiasts who make the claims. Allegedly, James Alexander Gordon, a respected BBC announcer has also seen the spooky apparition.

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