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8 Office Moving Mistakes You Need To Run Away From

posted: 12/08/2019

business plan for an office move to LondonThe many incubators and business parks of London attract thousands of entrepreneurs each year. If you are one of the many who have decided to relocate their office to the British capital, you will find this article quite useful. A lot of things can go wrong when you haven’t had enough time to research and prepare for the big move. Here are the most common mistakes you must avoid when having an office removal.

1. You Haven’t Prepared Your Employees

Before you organise your business relocation you need to sit down and explain to your employees about your future company plans. Understand, you need all of your staff on board if you want to execute an effective office removal. If every member of the team helps a little the whole process will be less stressful and you can even manage to save some money.

2. The Time For Packing Is Not Enough

This is s common rocky mistake. Very often business owners want the removal to happen as fast as possible and don’t leave enough time for the most crucial part – the actual packing. This will result in serious property damages, or you will have to pay a significant amount of money for professional moving and packing services. To avoid all of this, just start preparing early. A small office space with 4-5 computers can be moved in about a month. Do not rush things unnecessarily.

3. You Don’t Have Specialised Packing Materials

wrapping materials for an office relocation to LondonMost people think that with the purchase of a dozen cardboard boxes they can execute a proper packing and relocating. This is simply wrong. Too many important and delicate items can get damaged easily. Just think what will happen to your boxes if they get wet which can be easily arranged in a rainy city like London. Take notice of the following and avoid relying only on one type of packing material:

  • All of the important documentation must be arranged in plastic crates with tightly fitted lids. Everything must be sealed from the elements.
  • Hardware such as laptops, servers, etc. must be transported in specialised computer boxes. Your local London moving company should be able to provide you with them.
  • Use lots of bubble wrap and paper. All boxes and crates must be properly padded.

4. Inability to Work Withing the Timeframe

It happens most commonly in the situations in which the boss hasn’t appointed a specific person responsible for the office move. This will result in complete chaos and inability to fit in the moving schedule. When you plan a business relocation, you need to choose one person to work as a moving coordinator. They will be responsible for following the deadlines, dealing with the mover and keeping everybody else on track and on time.

5. Bad IT Planning

Moving the whole IT infrastructure especially if you have your own servers is an extremely hard job. If nothing else goes wrong in your office relocation, this will surely mess your perfect record. Company owners who are moving for the first time and are not able to set up their office on time are threatened of losing their longterm clients. Our London professional movers advice:

  • server in an office in LondonDo not use your infrastructure at the new place. You and your IT team must create a new one in accordance with the new specifications of the office building, your internet providers, etc.
  • Before you move any piece of equipment make lots of pictures and label every sloth, switch, power outlet, etc. You need all of this information to properly connect the machines once you relocate.
  • Transfer your IT infrastructure during the weekend or holidays. This way you will have enough time to correct any mistakes. Be sure there will be some.
  • Use proper packing boxes.

6. Lacking a Sufficient Budget for a London Office Relocation

Relocating your office to London can cost a lot, so before you decide anything you need to check if you have the funds for it. Invest some time in researching and budgeting, see from where you can cut costs and what is an essential expense. Do not make any rash decisions or else you might end up miscalculating your budget.

7. Booking the Wrong Moving Company

smart solution for an office move to LondonThe success of your office relocation depends on how qualified and professional your future movers are. Thankfully in London, there are a lot of reputable companies from which you can choose. However, there are those who seek to mislead and scam you. Be very vigilant when picking your moving contractors. Check their web site, read customer reviews, see what is happening on their facebook page.

8. Skipping the Insurence

Last but not least, many business owners fail to read their moving agreement and think that insurance is automatically included in it. That is not the case. Depending on the type of items you are transporting there are different insurance policies you can benefit from, Always read your contracts, ask questions and in no circumstance attempt to execute an office relocation without the proper insurance.

Stephanie Cooper

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