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8 Popular Mistakes To Avoid During Your International Removal to London

posted: 11th November

London international removal servicesMany people move not only in the country but also abroad. Regardless, from where you come there are a couple of international moving rules you must follow. In order to make this process as less stressful as possible, we have gathered a short list with the most common shipping mistakes people do We hope, we will help and encourage you with your international relocation.

1. Not Knowing the Regulations in the Country, You Are Moving to

Misinformation or lack of it is a frequent mistake especially if it is your first time moving abroad. Each country has its own specific customs requirements so you need to carefully check all regulations before loading the moving truck. Rely on a reputable international moving company that can provide you with qualified consultants. Chen in with your lawyers and make sure you and the shipping agency have all necessary certificates, forms and declarations.

2. Choosing the Wrong International Movers

This is a critical mistake, as your relocation depends on the qualifications and experience of your movers. If you pick the wrong guys, you may end up with lost items or they may be upheld at the border. You need to spend some time gathering opinions and reading reviews before choosing the right company.

3. Forget All about Insurance

When we are talking about the international shipment of your belonging insurance is essential. You must protect your items and be responsible. If you don’t like the conditions, your removal company is offering, you can always contact an insurance agency. Whichever you decide to pick, make sure you will be refunded in case of a lost or property damages.

foam peanuts for packing4.Incorrectly Packaged Items

Again, a common mistake if this is your first international move. Your belongings must be packaged accordingly. Make sure everything is packed in plastic and bubble wrap to prevent chipping, breaking and water damages. Consult with your removals company for the best ways to protect your belongings during the long transportation process.

5.Bringing the Wrong Things

When you are in a hurry, you often forget to look at what is allowed and what not in the country you are moving to. Make sure to check the lists of allowed items and liquids, so you won’t end up in a silly situation or even worst lose some of your things. The only thing you need to do is research the official webpage of the said country and check what is allowed to enter through its borders.

6. Forgetting Pets Also Have Passports

There are many regulations concerning the transportation of pets across the UK border. If you are planning to have an international move to London, you must have a meeting with a lawyer and discuss all the necessary documentation your furry friend needs. Sometimes there are mandatory vaccinations and even a quarantine.

7.Picking the Wrong Season to Move to London

Keep in mind the British capital is a very humid and rainy city and if you don’t want to drench yourself you need to pick the right season to move. Usually, during late spring and the summer, the rain is less, and the temperatures are warm enough to avoid catching a cold instantly. You have until mid-autumn to choose the perfect date for your international relocation.

8. Completely Unprepared for the Long Journey to London

Anything can happen, sometimes you need to book unplanned hotel stays, other times your international moving services may delay your belonging for a month. You must be prepared for all unexpected expenses and additional problems. Speak with your family members and prepare them, lower your travel expectations, this way you will be pleasantly surprised when all turns well at the end.


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