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8 Things You Wish You Knew Before Moving to London

posted: 17/02/2020

the City of LondonMake no mistake moving and living in London is not an easy task. The capital is not your average countryside town. Things are very different here. To help you adapt to the new environment fast and effortlessly, here are the top… things you need to know before relocating to London

1.Spend Some Time on Your Phone

Before you arrive in the big city make sure you are properly prepared. Download a map of London to your phone, so even if you don’t have mobile internet for the first few days you can still find your way. Mark the places that offer free WiFi like Starbucks or some government institutions. If you are moving to London from abroad, consider buying a new Sim card with a reasonable data plan.

2.Transportation in London

The most important thing you need to know about the British capital is that public transport is very good. Purchase an Oyster Card and use the tube, Docklands Light Railway and the bus systems around your home. You can buy this rechargeable card online or from the nearest station. The public transport spans across six zones and is working 24/7. Avoid the infamous black taxies as they are quite expensive.

3.Close Encounters with Mother Nature

This one will be shocking mostly for people who come from abroad, but in London, there are a lot of red foxes. Like a lot. You can spot them in your backyard or your local park. Do not leave food scraps outside if you don’t want a night visitor at your door. And speaking of parks, the British capital has an extremely rich urban wildlife from bats and falcons to hedgehogs and deer.

vitamins4. Take Care of Your Health

Once you have settled down and all moving boxes are unpacked you need to do something important in regards to your health status – register with your local general practitioner (GP). You will need to have an address and a proof of residence. Next, check with the National Health System and get registered. This way if something bad happens, you can immediately go and see your doctor.

5. The Weather in London is Unpredictable

We have all heard stories about the rainy days in London, and to be fair there are more like rainy months. When preparing to relocate to the capital remember to pack at least one umbrella and buy yourself some waterproof jackets and boots. Use primarily plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes as they are water-resistant and your belongings won’t get damaged.

6. Find Work Before You Move to London

If you are not a student, you may want to first find a stable job and then relocate. It is true that the business is booming in London but the competition is also very fierce. You can end up going through your savings in a month without substantials result. That is why apply for job interviews before you move and try to arrange your housing in accordance with your future work requirements.

tight on money for a house move7. Money is Going to Be Tight at First

If you are thinking that you will start earning the bucks the moment, you relocate in London we have some bad news for you. The majority of people start from the bottom ranks which means you need to be prepared to make some cuts in your budget. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel – deals. Lots of stores in London offer different discounts as well as coupons card. Stay on the lookup at all times.

8. Get Ready to Downsize

Renting a property in London is expensive, so be prepared to leave your house behind and move into a small flat. This has its good sides as you don’t have to pay much for professional moving services, you will have fewer boxes to unpack and the utility bills will be smaller. Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with these conditions you can always move to the nearby cities like Reading or St Albans and still work in London.

Stephanie Cooper

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