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8 Types of Packing Materials Useful for a House Move

posted: 9th December

Packing for a house moving in LondonOnce you take the decision to relocate your home, you need to start packing your belongings. This is not an easy task as it is both essential and time-consuming. To help you in your moment of need here is a guide of the most popular packing materials and their uses.

1. Regular Cardboard Boxes

The most traditional of all packing materials. You can find a good box both from your local store and your house moving company. There is nothing special about them, you just need to make sure they are the right size, have a lid and are not damaged in any way. Medium boxes are the preferred choice when it comes to hose moving as they can be easily carried and transported.

2. Specialised Boxes

The following list consists of boxes that have a very specific purpose. You can buy them from our movers. Our London experts advise you to use them as they are more convenient than the regular cardboard boxes.

  • IT box – it is a plastic or cardboard crate used to transport delicate electronics like servers and PCs. Some models even have additional padding from the inside.
  • Wardrobe boxes – They are a mini wardrobe equipped with a hanging pole where you can transfer and safely relocate your clothes. It is very convenient especially if you own lots of suits and expensive gowns.
  • Mattress boxes – designed in a couple of different sizes and equipped with handles, these boxes are perfect for the safe transportation of your mattresses.
  • Mirror box – They come in a variety of shape and size and are designed to tightly snug around your mirrors protecting them from cracks and scratches.

3. Plastic Wrap

Also known as “stretch wrap” or “cling wrap”, this material has many uses when it comes to wrapping and protecting your belongings. If you own some valuable pieces of furniture, you can use this stretchy wrap to cover it and protect it from harm. You can also use it to seal your regular boxes and prevent water damage.

packing materials

4. Bubble Wrap

One of the most widely used and well-known packing materials. If you are relocating especially long-distance or just must have it in your arsenal. Bubble wrap is not expensive, and you can purchase it from every reputable mover in London. For maximum effect carefully seal all edges with tape. According to what you need to be wrapped, you can find different types and sizes. If you are unsure what to pick, consult with your moving company.

5. Packing Paper

Used for padding inside your boxes or for wrapping delicate items, packing paper is usually the first layer of protection of your belongings. Do not try to substitute it with newspapers or old magazines as the printing ink can get transferred and damage your things. Cheap and available this material is essential when you are organising your house move.

6. Plastic Crates

One of the best packing options is to rent some plastic crates. Lots of big London companies can provide you with this moving service. Plastic carriers are sturdier and easier to transport than cardboard boxes. Their lids seal tightly and usually have handles to make the loading and unloading easier.

packing tape7. Packing Tape

You can’t execute a proper packing without one. You can choose from a large variety of colours, sizes and materials – from paper to clear plastic tape. There are also some models that have to label on them like “Fragile” or “Do not drop.” The tape can be used not only for sealing boxes but also for reinforcing their bottoms and making them sturdier. Make sure you are equipped with at least two rolls before you start packing your belongings.

8. Plastic Sheets

You will find this product especially useful if you are relocating to and from London as the city is famous for its bad weather. Plastic sheets are designed to cover your larger pieces of furniture and protect them from raindrops and snowflakes. You can also cover your floors to avoid having to clean mud and debris.

Eco-friendly Alternatives

If you want to minimise the impact you will have on the environment you can try some of the following packing tricks:

  • Use socks as padding in your boxes.
  • Old clothes and towels can be a good alternative for bubble wrap.
  • Blankets and sheets can be put on your floors to protect them from mud and water.
  • Use the boxes you already have and ask at your local convenience store for some leftover ones.
  • However, keep in mind that these options won’t be as effective and safe as the professional packing materials you can buy from your local London home movers.

Stephanie Cooper

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