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9 Tips For Your Packing While Moving To A New House

posted: 16th January 2018

There is hardly any person who you will find looking forward to the process of relocation with much enthusiasm. After all, you need to contact utility service providers, make sure your entire house is cleaned prior to shifting, hire a professional removals organization in advance and of course ensure that all your belongings are packed properly. The big question is how should you pack up your home for relocation?

Ways Of Packing For Moving Your House

Start packing early
How much time will be required for packing all the belongings? Well, it will primarily depend on the number. But, ask any expert and they will recommend that one should begin packing their belongings as early as possible. Thus, if you are living in a big house at present, a time period of 60 days is adequate if you want to pack a single box every day. While it is not an accurate figure, you can definitely get a fair idea how to proceed with it.

Don’t forget to order packing materials

People usually forget to order packing materials prior to the packing day. Check a few packing material providers and pick the amount you believe you will need.

Begin packing for those rooms you require least
It really makes sense to start packing those items first that is not needed by you or your family members on a regular basis. Instances of these are seasonal belongings, which you are not using at present like Christmas lights, coats and garden tools. While the process may trigger some chaos but rest assured you will be benefited in the long run.

Do not be in haste. How about packing only 1 room and then proceeding to the next one?
It is in fact, one of the most crucial packing tips that are often overlooked by many people. When you proceed in this manner, you can remain organized and inform the people who are unloading or the movers, which box contain what and go where.

Start de-cluttering to dispose of unwanted items
You can hold a sale in your garage or even donate your unwanted and old items to some noble cause or a charity. Websites such as eBay also help you to dispose of your unwanted belongings with great ease. In case, your friends are assisting you in the relocation process, you can find out if they require any item that you want to sell. Since you won’t be paying them for helping you out with your shifting, this is the least you can do as a gesture of gratitude for their troubles.

Make sure that the weight of a box does not exceed 30 pounds
There are several reasons for restricting the weight of the boxes. There could be a possibility that the boxes will not be capable of withstanding the load or you may succumb to a back injury. Hence you should pack light-weight belongings in big boxes and bulkier items in smaller boxes. It is an important tip for packing that can spare you from a lot of troubles.

Filing empty gaps is important
You can use old rags, packing papers or even old newspapers for filling the gaps in your boxes. The action would ensure the safety of your belongings even during the ride.

House removal box labeledAll your boxes should be labeled properly
Use a market to note down the contents of every box. Avoid writing on the top and label them on the boxes’ sides. That will make it simpler to identify them, in case they are stacked. You can also use a marker with a different color to separate items of different rooms. If there are kids, you can ask them to help you. It is a known fact that children love coloring and painting. So, it can be a fun way of decreasing the stress of relocation. It is an excellent tactic to prepare your children for the house removal and make them feel involved in the process.

Always place lighter boxes at the top
Make sure that your heavier boxes are at the bottom and the lighter ones are at the top. When you place your packed boxes in this manner, you are simply making sure that the breakable or fragile boxes do not get crushed while they are on the move. If you have boxes containing furniture part and books, you should load them first.


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