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9 Ways to Use Your Storage Space Smart and Efficient

posted: 16/12/2019

When you live in an expensive metropolitan such as London, you most definitely don’t have enough space for all of your belongings at your small flat. The solution is simple – rent a self-storage and arrange all of your belongings there. A few tips can help you maximise and use the extra space to its full potential.

storage box in London

1. Change Your Storage Containers

Do not use cardboard boxes to store your belongings. They tend to perish fast, can’t protect your items from water damage and are quite uncomfortable to carry around. Plastic crates are more reliable, have handles for easy transportation and most importantly won’t deform if you pile them one over the other. Many storage companies in London can offer you different sizes and styles of plastic containers suitable for your needs.

2. Create a System

Don’t just throw things in your storage, create your own elaborate organisation. This way you will know which item is where. Follow these simple rules:

  • Label everything. You don’t want to stay in front of a couple of identical boxes and wonder what exactly is inside of them.
  • Put the heaviest things on the bottom.
  • You need to have easy access to the things you use the most.

3. Disassemble Old Furniture

The most efficient and space-saving method of storing furniture is by disassembling it. Put the couch cushions in vacuum bags and protect them from mould and mildew. Carefully arrange all parts and make space for the other crates and boxes.

4. Declutter Regularly

Clean your storage unit at least once a year. Remove the things you won’t use, are damaged or you just don’t need any more. Don’t let your self-storage to turn into a graveyard for old stuff. A great way to declutter is by organising a yard sale or donating to your local London shelter.

5. The rotation principle

Usually, the content of your storage depends on what season it is. For example, in winter you are most likely to put there your summer sports gear and yard decorations and take out your snow sports equipment. Therefore, you need a rotation system, so you use the same space for different items.

Packing materials6. Special Care for Fragile Items

Most self-storage units in London have 24/7 surveillance, so you are safe to keep expensive and fragile items. However, remember that you must properly pack your belongings with enough padding and bubble wrap. Anything can happen and sometimes it is better to be cautious.

7. What NOT to Do

Avoid the following frequently made mistakes:

  • Store perishable goods like food and cosmetics for a long time.
  • Pack damp or flat out wet items, as they are a magnet for different kings of harmful fungi.
  • Put the thermostat on too high or too low. The ideal temperatures are between 18 and 22’ C. This way you won’t damage your wood items and will avoid corrosion on the metal ones.
  • Store antiques and paintings so casually. Depending on their age and material, these objects have specialised requirements. Consult with a specialist what is the best way to keep them in the storage unit.
  • Use plastic bags to store your items. Over time, they will disintegrate, on top of that, they will create the perfect conditions for the development of mildew.

    storage shelves in London

8. Add Shelves

Most storages are just an empty room if you want to utilise a maximum of the space you are renting purchase a couple of metal shelves. This way you will have more places to put boxes and the unit will be better organised.

9. Create a Content List

Basically, this is a list of all the items you have in the unit. This will help you find things easier and faster. Put it on your door, so you won’t lose it. If you want to go a step further you can number all of your boxes and then list the items located in each crate. This method is very useful for people who are storing lots of small items.

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