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Benefits of a Larger Business Unit

posted: 21/02/2017

Moving and Storage Solutions in London

So in return, Top Removals is seeking to move into larger premises to handle the increased demand for storage and more inbound trade work. A deal is expected to be signed in the next month or so securing 10,000 sq ft unit not far from the current depot. Being a removal and storage company, this unit will be beneficial to our storage solutions, connections with companies such as Orbis Moving and also will enable us to provide even higher quality storage and moving solutions for you! The benefits with moving are not just for you, but for our own improvement. This will increase our Purchasing, Marketing, Development and Research Economies. It will also increase our Human Resources and brand development and recognition.

Purchasing and Branding Economy.

With a larger business comes larger orders and more recognition. Having a large unit enables us to communicate on a bigger-scale, and therefore, orders will increase. Most providers of trade and sales provide discounts or fixed prices for bulk orders which, in return give us the ability to have products on hand at all times.

Marketing Economy.

Due to increased branding comes increased custom. And with the purchasing of cheaper supplies, means that our services will be more efficient and on time. Thus, the increased demand for our services will mean that our services may decrease in cost for the benefit of us at Top Removals and our customers.

Human Resources.

Increased space and a growing business-to-business demand mean we will have to increase our workforce to be able to give the best possible output from our work. This means new jobs will arise and therefore increasing the local workforce economy. This also means we will have more time, bigger teams and more minds to provide you with more professional, friendly and caring services.

Researching and Development Economy.

Having a larger unit may push us to provide more jobs. With more jobs comes more minds and with the fixed costs that are given with a bigger unit, we will be able to provide new services and products quicker to you, the public!

All of us at Top Removals wish to provide you with top quality services. Moving to the new unit will be a big forwards turn for our business and will surely be of a larger benefit to our customers.


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