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Christmas Relocation: How to Adjust to Your New Life in London

posted: 18th November

moving to London The Christmas holidays are almost here and there are those of us who are preparing to move to the British capital and start a new life there. Relocating during this time of the year is hard, but sometimes it is inevitable. Don’t be gloomy, you know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So try to adjust to the new atmosphere and we will help you with a couple of suggestions.

Stay Open-Minded

Yes, it is Christmas and you are far from your family and friends but this is not the end of the world. Moving to London can be the best thing that has ever happen to you if you keep a positive mindset. The big city is very different from the calm and tranquil towns out in the country. But this is what is charming about it. Embrace the change and don’t be afraid of it.

Give Yourself Time to Adjust to London

Take it slow and steady. Explore your neighbourhood, get to know where your local stores and pubs are. See where the nearest playground or dog park is situated. Do not rush your children back to school or kindergarten. In a couple of weeks, they will be on Christmas break. Instead, use the time to make them comfortable in their new environment.

Make Your Home Feel Cosy After The Move to London

The preparations for this begin back at your old place. Pack a box with pictures, candles, decorations made by your kids and label it accordingly. Once you arrive at your new London house and the movers unload all of the boxes, it’s time to arrange everything. Put the children’s paintings on the fridge, hang up some family photos, lit a couple of scented candles. This will create a cosy home atmosphere and make you feel happy and relaxed.

winter home move to London

Embrace the Cultural Differences

If you are moving from a small village or town somewhere in the UK to London, the cultural differences will shock you at first. London is a busy metropolitan with millions of inhabitants from all ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. This incredible, loud mix of people coexists and interacts in a variety of ways. Do not be scared to make new friends and become a true Londoner.

Spend Time with Your Family

The first couple of weeks after the relocation, spend as much time as possible at your new home surrounded by your family. Play board games, watch TV and enjoy each others company. Change is hard for all family members and you need to support one and other. Why don’t you visit the Christmas market and shop for your new home?

Combine Smart with Pleasant

When people organise a move they usually pick the removals company with the best prices and try to take with them as fewer boxes as possible, This means that you might have left a lot of your electronics, kitchen appliances and furniture back at your old place. Fear not, you are in London now and it is almost Black Friday. Combine the passion for shopping with the smart solution of purchasing all you need on sale. Gather the family and enjoy the benefits of living in the big city.

Christmas party in a London house

The First Christmas Party at Your New Home

No doubt you left some good friends back in your old town and you might be feeling lonely. So why not organise a big Christmas party. You will celebrate both the upcoming holidays and your successful house relocation to London. You can even consider inviting your new neighbours. It is never too early to make a good first impression.

Give London a chance, you will like it!


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