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Containers vs. Self Storage – What To Use in London

posted: 04/03/2019

London StorageIs your home cluttered with a lot of stuff you don’t immediately need? Do you plan to declutter? If yes, then you probably consider storing some of them away for the time being. However, storage comes in various shapes, sizes and, well, prices.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to store your items in London – you can get a self-storage unit or use traditional container storage. In this article, we will unravel and explain the differences between the two.

Accessibility of Storage vs. Self-Storage in London

Accessibility is a key point in your research. Did you know the long-term storage option can’t be accessed 24/7? In fact, if you opt for that, you won’t be able to access your items that much. On the contrary, some self-storage solutions offer this option to their customers.
So the first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you’ll need to access your belongings often. If yes, then you should probably opt for hiring a self-storage unit.
Another thing to consider is that storage companies usually don’t have facilities in all London neighbourhoods. While self-storage is easy to find because of the good network that the companies have built. So it’s almost guaranteed that there’s self-storage nearby.

Sizes of Storage Units vs. Containers

Most companies strive to offer flexible solutions. They can provide storage for students as well as large businesses with a convenient solution.
Usually, the smallest units offered on the market are about 10 square feet – suitable for storing a few boxes. And the biggest ones can be bigger than 500 sqft – perfect if you want to fit the contents of an entire household or the goods of a small business. The containers of London storage companies usually come in one or two sizes. The standard ones are about 35 sqft and can fit the belongings of a small studio apartment.
Even though self-storage units in London are a flexible solution, if you don’t need to access your items, you can simply get more containers to store all of your things. However, if you have just a few things, it might be cheaper to hire a small-sized unit.

London storage containers

Security of Containers vs. Self-Storage Units in London

Containers are stored in the locked facilities of storage companies. They can be accessed only by staff members and are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. If that’s not tight security, we don’t know what is. But some people find that too limiting.
With self-storage, the security policies vary a lot with the different companies. Some may even ask you to bring your own lock for the unit that you’re hiring! This means you should be proactive and take security into your own hands.

Let’s Talk Money

Here’s the truth. Getting storage containers is cheaper compared to self-storage units in London. That’s because self-storage services are more flexible with constant access to your belongings. The lower price is why many choose container storage when moving their home or business. Usually, hiring a container is about 50% cheaper than renting a storage unit of the same size! This makes them a better long-term solution and a preferred option for businesses or people who are moving abroad and don’t need all their stuff with them.
In addition, some providers do actually strive to offer their customers better accessibility. For example, for a small additional price, you can add more items to your container and then re-seal it again. So in the end, it all comes to your needs. In resume, we can say that containers are the best option for:

  • Those looking for the most affordable solution;
  • People who plan to store their items for a long period of time;
  • If you don’t need to access your belongings that often or at all;
  • Your business requires you to store furniture, appliances or something else that you won’t use at the moment.

container vs self storage options in LondonHire self-storage in London if:

  • You want to always have your personal belongings around the corner;
  • You don’t have spare storage space at your place and need somewhere to store seasonal items and other things you frequently use;
  • You want to store just a couple of things in a small 10 square feet unit;
  • Your business requires you to store goods or items that you need to access frequently.

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