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Decluttering: The Must-Do Task Before House Removals

posted: 2nd January

moving box for a house relocation to LondonIf you are planning for a home removal, you most certainly are looking for options to lower the overall cost of the process. One of the easiest ways to do so is by reducing the number of items you need to move. Meaning, you need to declutter your belongings.

With minimalism being a top trend for interior design and lifestyle, it is recommended to get rid of unnecessary belongings at least once a year. So it is a cool thing to do. And it’s also not a bad idea not to move a bunch of junk into your new home, right?

Following are some techniques that can help you with the task:

“The Four Box Method” – The Bullet-proof Way to Declutter Before Home Removals

As its name states, for this method, you will need four boxes that should be labelled accordingly:

  • Keep it – here you should store all your favourite clothes, daily used items, cherished knick-knacks and other possessions you intend to keep and use in the future.
  • Store it – in this group, you need to place seasonal items as well as belongings that you no longer use regularly, but you’re unsure whether or not you should keep.
  • Bin it – all things you will no longer need, want or are not worth selling/donating should fall into this group. Clutter can be a real struggle for some people, so make sure to be ruthless. If you haven’t used an item for more than a year and it isn’t something that brings you joy, why keep it?
  • Donate it – nowadays, there are a lot of charities you can help by donating some of your unneeded items. It’s true, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Be it the microwave that works but you want to change or an old toy that can bring happiness to another child, there are numerous possibilities to both do yourself a favour and also help someone in need.

box with a sign about the London house removal strategy“Extreme” Decluttering – Pack Everything 3 Months Before the Move

Even though fewer people use this technique, if you consider yourself a minimalist and are not afraid of extremes, it might just be the right thing for you. Three months before the day of your removals in London, pack all your belongings as if you’re about to move the next day. In the following 90 days, take the items you need out of the boxes and use them as you would normally. If you’ve used an item, don’t return it to the box, but rather leave it where it’s used to be in your home. At the end of the period, you will have all your most needed things out of the boxes. The ones that you haven’t used, you can donate or bin. Ruthless but effective.

Recycling and Upcycling? Yes, please!

Recycling is one of the most environment-friendly practices. And in a world that is becoming more and more polluted, we desperately need more people to recycle as much as possible. A couple of decades ago, only paper and plastic items could be effectively recycled. However, that is not the case today because glass, metals, clothes and more can all be reused in some way or another.

Furthermore, upcycling is slowly becoming a trend as well. The term means to repurpose old items instead of throwing them away and can be of great use for people looking to decorate their home on a budget. With a little bit of work, you can turn the old ladder into a beautiful shelf, make a coffee table out of pallets or craft an ottoman out of a washing machine drum. The options are only as limited as your imagination!

boxes for a home move to LondonDeclutter One Room at a Time to Ease Your Packing and Removals

Just like with packing, decluttering should be done one room at a time. This way, you will be able to merge the two processes and become even more time efficient. Don’t forget to also label the boxes accordingly to ease both the movers and yourself when unpacking later. It’s recommended to start with the bedrooms and leave the kitchen for the last day of the decluttering and packing process. And since getting rid of items can be hard for some, psychologists recommend writing down a list with everything that you plan to throw away, to make it easier for you.

Why Do Removal Companies in London Recommend to Declutter Before You Move?

The main reason is this will save you the most valuable resource you have – time. If you pack all your stuff, move, unpack, and only then declutter, you will spend unnecessary time dealing with items that will eventually go away. Therefore, the London removals specialists suggest you spend a day or two to assess your belongings instead of increasing the price of your relocation by packing and moving all your things.


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