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Eco-friendly House Move: The Best Packing Materials

posted: 6th May

packing materials to movw to LondonHaving a house relocation usually means you are going to use lots of packing materials and waste a significant amount of money buying them. What if we tell you that you don’t have to do it the conventional way? No “packing police” is going to stop you and demand that you use as much plastic and cardboard as you can fit in the moving truck. We are offering you a new way of thinking and living. Going green doesn’t necessarily means to start composting and recycling everything that you can. You can start with something small but significant.
During a standard house relocation to London you will use somewhere around 20 and 30 cardboard boxes and at least one or two rolls of bubble wrap, not to mention the packing tape and paper. You can significantly reduce your expenses and the waste you will accumulate by adopting an eco-friendly approach to the whole situations. Here is what we propose:

Use What You Have

It is a bit of widespread advice, but there is a reason for that. In every home, there are boxes and crates in various shapes and sizes that can be used for storing different things. During the decluttering procedure, you will find even more things that can be used for packing. If you still are unsure of what we are talking about here is a short list of all the items you may use:

  • Shoe boxes;
  • Cardboard boxes from electronic devices or cosmetics.
  • Old wrapping paper and/or bubble wrap from previous moves;
  • Outdated magazines, newspapers and Christmas wrapping
  • Plastic or fabric bags even paper bags can be used in various ways;
  • Torn, old or damaged clothes, sheets or bedding – do not throw anything. It is perfect for your house relocation;
  • Shoelaces and rubber bands can be used for securing and tying your packages;

Ask and You Shall Receive: The Perfect House Moving Philosophy

packing to relocate to London

This is another popular trick when you want to save money and be as eco-friendly as possible during your home relocation. If you don’t have it, someone in your community may have, so don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Look at some of the popular buy/sell websites and check if someone is offering used boxes;
  • Ask at your local convenient stores;
  • Call your family and friends and see what they can offer you;

Get Professional Packing help

If you don’t want to use other people’s old crates, you can actually order some from your house moving company. Many agencies in London offering moving services also have a great variety of packing materials. You can choose the size and shape of your reusable containers and simply rent what you need. This way at the end of the house removing process you won’t have to deal with the mountain of spare cardboard boxes. The reusable crates are usually made from plastic and undergo a sanitation procedure after each customer has used them.
Other things you can purchase are biodegradable packing materials like paper of foam peanuts.

DIY Home Removals


To be able to pack your whole household relying heavily on your upcycling skills is actually not that hard. As we mentioned almost everything in the home can be used either as a wrapper or a carrier. We asked some of the best house movers in London to give us a little bit of advice on what are our best options when it comes to DIY packing:

  • Altho it is inadvisable to use newspapers or any other inked paper to wrap things you can use it for padding. Once you have put the smaller shoe boxes in the crate use old crumple magazines to cushion them. This way if the larger carrying box is dropped, its load won’t get damaged.
  • Wrap your large furniture pieces in old blankets and sheets to protect them from scratching;
  • Every old item of clothing can be used for either padding or wrapping;

The most important thing is to be creative and not be afraid of trying new things!


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