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How Is the Price for House Removal Services Calculated?

posted: 21st January

Because of the high number of tenants in the British capital, the market is full of house removal companies. For the average person who is conducting research and gathering quotes, all of it can become very confusing fairly quickly. But even though different companies have different business models, they all stick to a couple of well-established practices when it comes to quoting. Here’s what they are:

Most Removal Companies in London Charge for the Labour

This means no matter the size of the property or the distance of your relocation, you pay only for the time you use the service of the movers.

calculating house moving expenses

For example, if the loading of your items lasts 2 hours, and the transportation and unloading take another 2, you will pay the price for 4 hours of labour. The only additional variable is the number of movers you’ve requested – the price is multiplied by the number of removal specialists involved.

As you see, the calculation isn’t that difficult but you can still get surprised if you haven’t considered the following additional charges that may occur:

  • An extra fee if there is no elevator;
  • Some money on top if there is furniture that needs to be disassembled;
  • Additional charge for heavy items such as safes, pianos, and American fridges because those require special equipment which the movers may have to rent;

Other London House Removals Companies Charge Per Cubic Feet

In this case, whether the process takes two hours or a whole day doesn’t matter, the price remains the same. Even though charging per cubic feet is a fairly old approach, some companies still use it, so it’s good to have it in mind. Nowadays, removal agencies typically charge for labour, and you will notice that most do exactly that. However, with some companies, old habits die hard, and they still write down the possessions you need to be moved in cubic feet and then recalculate that in hours.
If you are planning to use storage for some of your belongings, be mindful the practice of charging per cubic feet is very much alive for most companies. Therefore, you will still need to know how much space your belongings will take in order to rent a unit with the right size.

London house moving costHow Does Charging Per Mile for a House Removals Service Work?

If you’ve been actively collecting quotes, you might have noticed, some London removals companies charge by the mile. This usually means they will price their service on both labour and distance. Be careful because some professionals who offer such pricing do it to lure customers with low labour rates and only later introduce the distance fee as well. When collecting the quotes, always make sure to learn about all the factors that affect the end cost.
Charging per mile is not a bad pricing model and some companies use it only for high distances.

Hiring a Van Is Still Fairly Common in London

Even though fewer and fewer people have the time to move on their own, there are still companies that offer van rental services. Although that is probably the most budget-friendly way to move, keep in mind you will have to do all the packing, loading, transportation and unloading on your own. Also, you won’t be covered by insurance if you break any of the items. All things considered, make sure that this cheap method doesn’t end up draining your bank account.

Packing, Crates, Boxes, Cleaning – Extras for Your House Removal Service

Most established moving companies in London provide not only removals but a variety of additional services to ease the moving process even further. Do you need your place professionally cleaned at the end of your tenancy? Or perhaps you’re quite busy and you want your belongings packed, and waiting for pick up? Or maybe you are a student or between accommodations and you need some items stored?

In that case, it’s best to benefit from the work of a removal company that provides these additional services as well. Most movers are able to offer you a discount for multiple services. Furthermore, by having the same company handle it all from beginning to end, the chances for something to go wrong are significantly lower.
Here are the approximate costs of services related to your house removal in London:

costs for a London house relocation

  • Hiring crates or buying boxes – boxes are still the preferred option when moving, but crates are becoming more popular with every year. Usually, the cost of hiring a crate is close to the price for a box.
  • Packing – prices are per worker, per hour. Usually, the rates are the same as the rates for the house removal service.
  • Storage – the most common option is hiring self-storage. It comes around £30 per week for a 35 square feet unit.
  • End of tenancy cleaning – depends mostly on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Typically, it starts from around £100 for a small studio.

Keep in mind that many companies hide the prices of their removals services or show significantly lower prices that don’t include things like furniture disassembly, transportation or insurance. So, always make sure to ask for a final written quote of the move before choosing your provider.


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