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How to Properly Organise Your London Storage Unit

posted: 05/11/2018

London StorageFinding a good apartment or house in London is a nightmare. The city is packed with people that finding a spacious home for a reasonable price is close to impossible. That is why more and more Londoners choose to use the services of storage companies. It is easy, fast, and you don’t have to worry about where are you going to put your ski equipment or camping gear. Storage units are perfect for storing your possessions during a house relocation or renovation, or when you simply need more space. The units come in different sizes depending on their price. If you want to pay less, you need to learn how to properly arrange your belongings. Typically people rent bigger units just because they have no clue how to utilise the space they have. That is precisely why we have created this small but useful guide on how to correctly and neatly organise your storage unit.

Storage Containers and Boxes – Think Twice

One of the most common reasons to lose space is the storage boxes you use when packing your belongings. A couple of simple rules will save you time and money:

  • Storage containers must be made of plastic and be reusable. This way they will be mould and water resistant and you don’t have to buy new ones for years to come.
  • Choose two or three sizes of boxes and buy and use only them. The more containers you have that are different shapes and sizes the harder there is to arrange them in the limited place you have.
  • All containers must have a lid that can be properly closed. You don’t want any moisture to get to your belongings. It is best if the bigger containers also have handles.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes because they can get easily damaged and are no easy to carry around.

The Importance of Labeling

Put labels on Storage boxesWe can’t stress enough how important it is to label every box and have a clear list with all of your stored items. You need to be able to see what is the contents of every storage container without actually opening it. When you place one container on top of the other, you will always have at least one side of the box pointing at you. Print or make on your own label cards that you can glue to the side of the visible side of the box. Write the type of items there are in the container and when they were placed there.

Another trick is to mentally divide the storage unit into sectors and label the boxes according to the sector, for example, “Kitchen Items, box 2.”

This type of labelling is very useful during all sorts of house relocations or even during the remodelling of your home. Just pack every room, label the boxes and later arrange them by room and number in the storage unit. This is a widespread practice and many London moving companies offer excellent storage conditions.

What to Do With the Furniture?

One of the big advantages of having a storage unit is that you can place there old furniture that you are not yet ready to say goodbye to. However, a sofa or a dining table take much of your precious space, so what to do? Simple disassemble everything, place it in a big plastic container and forget about it. Well, ok, not everything can be stored in pieces but most of it can. Desks, chairs, beds, everything can be dismantled, covered with protective wrapping and neatly stored. Be careful not to lose all of the nuts and bolts. You will need those when the time for reassembling comes.

Basic Packing Instructions

When you prepare your storage containers and pack your belongings, you need to follow these basic rules:

  • Heavier items go on the bottom and lighter ones on top.
  • Pack heavier things in medium boxes, if it is for a house move because you need to be able to lift the container by yourself.
  • Always wrap glasses, mugs, plates in paper sheets. Avoid using newspapers as the ink may stain your items.
  • Foam peanuts are a great decision if you are searching for a good cushioning material that doesn’t absorb moisture.

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