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How Will a House Relocation in London Affect Your Children

posted: 13th August 2018

Parents moving to London with their kidsKids are considerably stronger than we give them credit for but there are some situations that can stress them immensely. Changing your home is one of them. London is a big city and if you are coming from a less populated place the shock for your children will be significant. Unfortunately, change is often inevitable so you will have to find the correct way of handling your child’s emotions. The most important thing you always need to remember is that there is nothing stronger than the parent’s love for their little ones. Show your children that you love them every single day, and you will have a great house moving experience.

The Effect House Removals Have on Children

Change can have a different effect on children depending on their age and personality. It is best to organise a house moving while your kid is still little. Toddlers have a very short attention span and usually don’t get very affected by external factors. This is the perfect moment to relocate.
However, be aware of the following symptoms:

  • starting to suck its thumb;
  • can’t sleep or has night terrors;
  • insomnia;
  • a sudden change of personality – becomes shy, aggressive, starts arguments easy, constant crying;
  • wet the bed;
  • refuse to eat;
  • can’t concentrate and starts to fail school;

These are all signs that your stressed child needs your help and support. Kids can’t always express their emotions correctly and explain what is bothering them. More often they themselves don’t understand what is happening. Moving to a big city such as London, that is so overpopulated and so noisy can confuse your child and can create a filing of uncertainty and depression. During the transition period, it is essential to have parent-child days in which you do things together and enjoy each other company. You need to assure the little ones that they are safe and that they can always talk to you.

The Post-Relocation – What to Expect

After you have finally moved to your new London home, you would want life to continue the way it was back in the old place. Things, however, are a little different now. You need to take into consideration your children’s feelings and the fact that they need time to adapt to their new surroundings. Bear in mind the following:

  • Kids need time to get used to the new house and neighbourhood. Let them have a break from school at least a week until their room is all set up and they start to feel comfortable in their new home.
  • A month and a half to two months is the normal period needed by a child to adapt to their new school environment. During this period you need to be understanding, let your child talk and listen carefully for any signs of problems.
  • You need to speak to your children’s teachers and get to know them.
  • During the period of adaptation be careful not to push too many new things in your kids’ life. All out of school activities can wait for one or two months. Change must be kept under control and in small doses so you don’t stress out your children.
  • After this period is over, slowly start to introduce them to new things. A good idea is to enrol them in a local club or neighbourhood activity so they can make new friends. You can always find something fun and amusing to do in London particularly if you are with your kids.

Tips to Help You Organise the Home Move

Child helping for a London RelocationTo make the transition easy and help your kids feel good about changing their home you can do a couple of things:

  • First and foremost, sit with your kids and explain the situation, why you need to relocate and where are you going to live next. Let them speak and tell you about what scares them or what excites them. The children need to feel that their voice is heard and their opinions matter.
  • Start making a moving plan together. No matter how little the kids are, they each have to have their own chores. If they are toddlers, make a fun game of packing boxes with their toys. If they are preschoolers they can put the coloured tape on boxes. There is always something you can do with them in order to make them feel special.
  • If you can, bring them to see your new London home. Go on a walk in the neighbourhood and the nearest park or playground. Let them get used to the new environment. It will be perfect if you meet up with your friendly landlord or future neighbour.
  • Buy small gifts and hide them somewhere in their moving boxes. This way when the time for unpacking comes, it will be a fun event filled with laughter and lots of smiles.
  • After your London home relocation is finally over, make sure to spend a lot of time around your children. The first month or two will be hard for them and they need to feel your love and support.


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