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International Move: How to Ship Your Belongings Overseas

posted: 01/07/2019

People are constantly moving from one city to another and sometimes these places are not even in the same country. If you are amongst those who are planning an international move to London, you will find this article very helpful. Thanks to our skilled experts, we were able to compile a guide on how to safely relocate overseas.

Domestic VS International Removals

There is a big difference between those two, and you need to know what to expect. International moves have the following characteristics:

  • shipping your belongings to LondonMore expensive than domestic ones.
  • You will use a couple of different types of transportation especially if you are relocating from a different continent.
  • Insurance is a must.
  • You can’t do it on your own. You need to hire an international moving company.
  • Put extra effort into wrapping, securing and packing your belongings.

However, there are some similarities with domestic relocations:

  • You need to make sure all utility bills are paid, and the new place is in order.
  • Changing your address and dealing with other administrative questions, is still needed.

Shipping Choices

international shipping container to London

Now that we established the basic differences between the domestic and the international move, let’s explore the latter in details. You need to understand, when relocating from overseas to London you need to use both land and sea shipment. Moving by air is just not an option as your belongings are too heavy, and it will be unbelievably expensive. This means you must discuss all details with the moving consultant. You have to be aware:

  • How long is the transportation process?
  • What is the cost?
  • What type of container you are going to use?
  • Are there any additional requirements regarding the preparation of your items for shipment?

Extra-Insurence for Your International Move to London

Most removals companies provide standard insurance coverage, which is more than sufficient for average shipments. However, if you are transporting high-value products, you need to check the options for extra insurance. Most London international movers offer this as additional removal services. Remember, you must sign both the insurance policy and the moving contract. Make sure you are covered in case something bad happens.

Packing Tips for Your International Move

packing materials for a international move Regardless of how long the moving process will take there are a few essential packing rules you need to follow. We can’t stress enough on their importance because your belongings will be tightly shut in a container for an extended period. This means somebody will check on them when you arrive at your final destination in London.

  • All fabrics – upholstery, beddings, clothes must be completely dry. Do not pack damp or wet items unless you want to grow a big mould colony.
  • Avoid packing any food even cans can burst and cause a big mess.
  • Label everything not only with the room the box is supposed to go to but also with your name and contact information.
  • Do not put plants in the shipping container. They most probably won’t survive the journey.

Securing Your Belongings

Most reputable international moving agencies offer their customers professional packing. This is essential as you need to be certain your belongings are properly secured in the shipping container. Ask your company if they are adequately equipped with the necessary tools:

  • Ratchet Straps
  • Load bars/Decking
  • Dunnage materials
  • Sheets of plywood
  • Blanket wrap (if required)

The Land Part of the Moving Process

When you relocate to London from overseas you need to be properly informed not only about the sea part of the journey. Inform yourself about the state of the trucks and if they have satellite tracking. This way you will know where exactly your belongings are. Also, see how many drivers there are. The big advantage of having a team truck driving is that the truck basically never stops except to fuel up—or for the drivers to grab a meal. This moving service offers fewer opportunities for errors to occur.

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