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London Removal 101: How Much Time House Moves Take

posted: 13/01/2020

Relocating to a new house is time-consuming. It’s important for you to consider how many hours your house move will take because most removal companies charge hourly. But you still want your items to arrive intact, so you should really look for the golden middle – good quality for a decent price. Our London experts agreed to share more about the main factors that affect the duration of every relocation and therefore – its cost. This way, you will be able to roughly calculate how much time will the moving process take. To do that we need to examine every component of the moving services separately.

moving boxes

Let’s Start with Packing

Done by a team of professionals, packing uses a lot less time than it would normally take you. The reason behind that is very simple – repetition makes perfection. So if you are in a hurry, definitely chose to have some expert help. Another important thing you need to remember if you decide to save money and do everything by yourself is that London removals company won’t agree to load possessions that aren’t well boxed up. Companies strive to minimise the risk of damages, and that’s why they recommend professional packing.
Typically, for a standard 1-bedroom property, it takes between 2 to 3 hours for a team of two packers to properly handle your belongings. For a bigger place, like a 3-bedroom house, a team of two London movers will need between 4 and 5 hours to pack your stuff.

Time to Load Your Items Into the Moving Truck

If you’ve packed properly, the loading process will be faster and more efficient because all of the boxes can be put in quickly with removal trolleys. The items that will take more time to arrange are the fridge, the washing machine, wardrobes, beds and sofas (especially if they are with more than two seats). Loading each of these bulky beasts will last at close to 15 minutes. So, do the calculations yourself – if you have about 10 big objects, their loading will take the London movers around 3 hours.
Keep in mind that it’s very important for you to decide closeby parking spots at both ends of the relocation. If the moving van is not close to your property, this will prolong the service and will increase the final price.

moving boxes

Transport Your Belongings to Your New London Home

Google Maps can give you a fairly decent time estimate how long will the removals team need to transport your belongings. Regardless you always have to keep in mind special circumstances and unplanned situations. For example, moving during peak hours means more traffic and longer transportation time. From our experience, transportation usually takes around 1,5 hours for removal services in London.

Don’t Forget about the Unloading

If you’ve arranged a parking spot at the drop off location, everything should be going smooth. And if you went the extra mile and labelled your boxes, the movers will be able to unload everything to the corresponding rooms. However, you still have to be present to coordinate the teams – they need to know where to put the more massive pieces of furniture. This way you don’t have to drag your sofa or bed around the house all by yourself.

How Much Time London House Moves Take?

Based on the size of the property and how fast you need to move, we’ve made a standard time estimate. Use the following calculations as a base and remember, every process is unique and depends on many different factors.
Studio – it takes a team of two about 2 hours to move the belongings of a studio flat. This doesn’t include packing or transportation.

  • moving time clock1-bedroom properties – usually, two movers need around 3 hours to carry everything out of a 1-bedroom estate. Again, packing or transportation not included.
  • 2-bedroom properties – for some 2-bedroom or larger estates, it might be good to hire a team of three movers, especially if you want them to pack. If you opt for two, however, the loading and unloading alone will take around 4 hours and the whole process – more than 8.
  • 3-bedroom estates or bigger – properties with more than three bedrooms usually need an entire day to load your belongings, especially if you are taking with you all of your furniture and kitchen appliances.

Many things can influence the relocation – from lift availability to property layout, and more. We hope that this guide has cleared out the air and helped you to envision your future house move with more clarity.

Stephanie Cooper

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