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Moving Guide: How to Relocate in the Summer Heat

posted: 19th August

In the last couple of years, the summers are extremely hot all across West Europe. Here in the UK, people have never witnessed such extensive heath waves. However, life goes on, and despite the excruciating weather conditions Londoners still go out, go to work and organise house moves. Here is where our removal pros come in. After much deliberation, we have decided to create a guide helping you protect yourself and your belonging during the summer heat while preparing for a big home removal.

Protect Your Health

First and most importantly you need to look after yourself regardless of how old are you. The heatwaves can strike at any moment, and you have to be ready.

  • Drink lots of water. Make sure you always have a bottle of fresh water with you, especially during the extensive car rides. Stay hydrated.
  • stay hydrated in summerDon’t remain out in the sun for too long. Leave the loading and unloading to your professional movers and stay inside as much as possible. If you have to go outside wear a hat and lots of sunscreens.
  • Don’t leave the AC blasting. If the room temperature is 20°C and you go outside where it is 35°C and above you will going to have a heat stroke. The difference can’t be more than 5°C or else your body will go into shock.
  • While preparing to depart and loading the last boxes in your car do not leave your kids and toddlers there. The heats are extremely dangerous for children so be very careful not to leave them unattended in the car or van.
  • Londoners are not used to the hot summer weather, so people usually forget to put in their essentials bag cooling packs and extra water bottles. If you have a cooling bag, now is the time to use it.
  • Coordinate the relocation process with your movers and drive safely. The moment you start to feel unwell, stop the car at the nearest gas station.

What You Need to Be Aware of During the Summer

Relocating in the heat is not an easy task there are a lot of things you need to think about and plan in order to change homes successfully.

  • When preparing to move your plants make sure to provide them with enough water. Keep in mind that in the truck or van the temperatures can rise up very quickly so if summer heat you own delicate greenery maybe take the pots with you in the car.
  • Avoid transporting your pets in the heat. Much like your toddler, animals can be left unattended in a vehicle in the blazing heat. Always keep your pet close to you and let them ride in the family car.
  • Pick a local moving company. It is important the people you chose to assist you to know London very well. You don’t want to end up stuck in conjunction or lost just because your movers don’t know the city. On top of that summer is the season of road repairs and many streets are closed.
  • When packing snacks for the road remember that meat and dairy product can go easily bad in the hot weather. Pick veggies and fruits and try to avoid mayonnaise, eggs and ham.
  • Do not leave food products in your moving boxes, you will be unpleasantly surprised with a wretched stench of rotten leftovers once you unpack.
  • If you own special medicines that need to be kept under a specific temperature, use a
    cooling bag to transport them. Do not leave them in the moving truck.

Planning the Perfect London Relocation

If you follow the safety measurements and be mindful of the unpredictable weather in London you will be able to execute a very easy and successful house relocation. Here are some basic pro tips in regards to the picking the correct moving services for you, and preparing your home for the upcoming removal process:

  • House removals to LondonFind someone to help you with your kids or pets – a relative or a sitter. You don’t want a screaming toddler and an enthusiastic dog running around while you are trying to load boxes as faster as you can.
  • You will need at least two weeks to pack your home, so leave yourself enough time to do it properly.
  • Always ask your moving company for the types of insurance they offer. Do not relocate without one.
  • Remember to pay the utility bills both at your new and old places.
  • Make a copy of all of your important documents and backup your hard drives.
  • Last but not least remember to change your address and contact information at your bank, post office, etc.


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