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Moving Home? Plan in Advance

posted: 26/07/2016

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Pre-packing clear out

Before you consider how to begin packing up the entirety of your possessions to move into your new home, always have a really good clear out to make sure you don’t take any junk with you over the threshold. Junk can accumulate over the years and moving home is the perfect time to address and assess the situation. Be sure to go through every room well in advance and eliminate every single unnecessary item to ensure there is nothing carried over the threshold which should have been binned long before.

Measure up

It is crucially important to ensure you measure up each room in your new home to ensure your existing furniture will fit. It is surprisingly easy to overlook this stage of planning and all too often it is not realised until it is too late and then find that large items won’t fit or maneuver into the new spaces. Ensure you consider not only the room it should go in but the route it will take to the room and ensure you have the right amount of space well in advance.

Clearly label boxes and the corresponding rooms

When you are packing the contents of each room, clearly label all of the boxes with the room the items belong to and the contents of each box. It makes things incredibly easy to place all of the labeled boxes into the designated rooms at the other end.

Buying adequate packing supplies

Consider and take note of the size of items in each room for purchasing packing supplies. It is always advisable to buy all different size of boxes to cover all possible needs. Always buy strong adhesive tape and consider how much work you have to do. Would it make things easier to buy a tape gun? Make sure you buy adequate supplies so that you don’t run out and start packing your items as soon as possible.

Transferring utilities to your new home

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up with packing and overlook the all-important utilities which need transferring to your new home. Make note of all your key utilities such as water, gas, electric and broadband and call each well in advance of the move to transfer details. Very often the broadband supply alone can require a couple of weeks to set up in your new home. Make note of where the stopcock and fuse cupboard are in case of emergency and pay consideration in advance of the move to eliminate headaches on the day.

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