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Moving House: How to Pack Books

posted: 20th Sept 2017

If you are a book lover currently planning a house move, then you are probably wondering how to pack up your much-loved books in the best way possible. When moving house, improperly packed books can often cause accidents and chaos.  Therefore, it is imperative that book owners take time to learn how to pack their books correctly.

House moving in London

With nothing more frustrating than ripped pages, bent spines, and dog-eared corners there is no doubt that you want to keep your books in the greatest conditions and today here at Top Removals we aim to provide some great tips to allow you to do just this on your house moving day…

Packed books are heavy

If you put too many books in a box you will quickly find that it becomes incredibly heavy to lift, not only this but you could also face straining out your back and the boxes falling apart. To avoid these disasters keep on reading…

Packaging materials you’ll need

  • A good quantity of STRONG cardboard boxes. Small and sturdy moving boxes work well, as large boxes filled with many books are likely to cause more damage
  • Plenty of tape. Brown packing tape and masking tape are both superior options
  • Rags, newspapers and other things that can fill up the empty gaps

How to pack books in boxes

House moving with books

  • Choose strong instead of large cardboard boxes — the smaller the box the more heavy books it can contain
  • Line boxes with tissue or packing paper before filling them — This will save feature attractive slipcovers
  • Pack the heaviest books first — with lighter booked on top
  • Pack books flat — Having them on end will force them to take the whole weight of another other boxes you stack on top of your box
  • Don’t overfill – Don’t be afraid to leave gaps
  • Don’t be shy with the tape — Use as much tape as you need, don’t scrimp and scrape
  • Label boxes — It is important to label your boxes so that removals companies know to take extra special care

What’s stopping you?

Now you know how to pack your books, what is stopping you from getting started? If you have any questions or require our assistance, bearing in mind that we are home to a team of specialist packers, please do not hesitate to give our team a call on 0800 046 7877.


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