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Moving Soon? Here’s How the London Experts Pack Dishes and Glassware

posted: 18th February

packing glasses for a London house removalFor each task regarding your house removal to London, there are a right and a wrong way of doing it. And packing is no exception. That’s why professional packers exist, you know. However, if you’re one of those people who would like to pack on their own, you should definitely get familiar with the tricks of the trade or else you risk damaging your items.
Today we will discuss how to pack your favourite china and protect the glassware from damage when moving. Read on.

Advice on Packing Materials from London Removals Professionals

First things first, if you want to avoid damaging your dishware, you should definitely use quality boxes when packing. However, not everyone can afford them. If you’re one of those people, all you need to do is doubling on the packing materials. Still, boxes made specifically for breakables are the best for the task.
Here are some other tips to have in mind when choosing packing materials:

  • Packing tape – you’ll need it to secure the bottoms of your moving boxes. Choose a strong, wide packing tape in place of duct tape or masking tape.
  • Packing paper – yes, of course, you can use those old newspapers you have in storage to pack the breakables. However, you’ll notice your dishes need a bit of a wash once unpacked – that’s because of the ink. Instead, you can use packing paper that leaves no marks and is available for purchase from every removal company in London.

Now that you have everything, it’s time to pack your cups and dishes. Follow this step-by-step process:

1. Create a Soft Bed of Packing Paper to Wrap Dishes

To protect your dishes during the removal service, you need to fill the bottom of each moving box with some packing paper. The trick here is to avoid lining the paper and instead crumple it and cover at least 15 centimetres of the box. Don’t worry how much space it looks like is being wasted because once you put the dishes, they’ll press onto the wrapper. Crumpled paper works best because it absorbs the shock waves more effectively.
When placing the wrapped dishes into the box, make sure to start with the heaviest and most sturdy items. Load it until you end up with at least 5cm of space left. You’ll need to fill that with more crumpled paper before closing the box. Press and fill with the paper until there’s no more room left and everything is firmly packed.

packing for a London relmoval2. Prepare Your Cups and Glasses Before the Removal Service

To safely transport your favourite glassware, you need to pack it carefully before the removal service takes place. First, you need to protect each piece by placing it on a paper sheet and folding its ends into the opening. This provides a better cushioning and protects the glass from shock waves. The key is to wrap each cup separately and be generous with the paper, especially if packing crystal or very thin glass. Remember, your goal is not to make the wrapping look even or pretty but to secure the piece with enough layers of paper.
When placing the items into the boxes, always start with the heaviest and sturdiest pieces. Put the most fragile glassware at the top and again, make sure the box has a layer of crumpled paper for better protection.

3. Packing Wine Glasses and Other Stemware for Your London Removals

To protect these beauties, make sure to use the same wrapping technique as above. And again, before placing the bundles into the boxes, make sure to have that protective layer of paper. Next, start placing the wrapped stemware side by side while switching the directions of the openings. This will allow you to distribute the glasses evenly. Add more packing paper into the corners and edges of the moving box, where impact risk is greater. Also, make sure to add crumpled paper between each layer of glasses.
To check if you’ve packed the box well, close the lids and shake it a bit. If you’re hearing that ‘clunking’ noise, it means you need to double on the packing paper because the glasses aren’t secure enough.

One last tip: always mark your moving boxes to make it easier to unpack after your London movers have done their job. If you plan on reusing your boxes and wrapping paper soon, make sure to flatten them well and store them somewhere dry. Other than that, you’re all set for moving. Good luck!


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