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Moving to Spain: A Short Guide by an International Moving Company in London

posted: 28/01/2019

have an international home move to SpainFantastic Mediterranean food, sunny and warm weather, party lifestyle – just some of the things that make Spain a must destination for every tourist. Naturally, many want to have these perks for good and choose to move to Spain.

If you’re planning to make the same, the following lines will help you decide whether the Iberian peninsula is truly the right place for you.

In 2014, the number of Britons living in Spain was higher than 230,000. This makes it the European country with most British ex-pats. They are concentrated mostly in the southeast coastal areas like Valencia and Andalucia. There are also many that have chosen the hot beaches of the Canary and Balearic Islands.

Spanish Culture or Why People Hire London Movers to Relocate to Spain

  • Climate – if “British weather” is a synonym for rain and clouds, “Spanish weather” means enjoying around 300 sunny days a year. Being one of the warmest countries in Europe, Spain also attracts a lot of beach lovers and people who enjoy the Mediterranean climate.
  • Simple life – Spanish people are not known for punctuality. Instead, they favour a more stress-free approach to life. It’s commonly referred to as the “mañana” attitude. If something can be done tomorrow, why do it today?

Taxes and Prices in Spain

  • Rent – naturalincome taxes after an international house relocation to Spainly, rent is going to be one of your major expenses in Spain. The most expensive living areas are the ones close to the beaches. The further inland you go, the cheaper the rent will be. A 1-bedroom apartment in coastal regions will cost you about £1,000 per month while living in a less popular town in the centre of the peninsula can come at around 250-300 pounds a month.
  • Food – as with other things, the price for groceries and meals outdoor depend on a particular location. However, generally speaking, everything comes a bit cheaper in Spain compared to the UK. That’s one of the key points for people to look for an international moving company in London that can relocate them to Spain.
  • Bills – you can expect to pay roughly the same for utilities in Spain as you do in the UK.
  • Taxes – what you pay in taxes depends heavily on the area you live in. That is because the income tax is split between the respective region and the state. However, the main things you should get familiar with are how to register with the revenue authorities and how to avoid double taxation.

Documents, Visas, Jobs, Healthcare

Since Spain is part of the EU, British nationals can freely hire international moving services from London to the Iberian peninsula. At least for now. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days, you will have to register with the local police station or foreign office to obtain a foreigner’s ID number and a residence certificate.

If your driving licence has no expiration date, you will be required to change it with a Spanish one. The same is true for licences for group 1 vehicles (cars and motorcycles) that have a validity of 15 or more years and of group 2 vehicles (trucks and buses) valid for more than 5 years.

international house relocation from London to Spain

If you’re planning to hire an international moving company from London to relocate you to Spain, you are probably wondering how is the financial situation in the country. As with other Mediterranean countries, Spain suffered during the 2008 crisis. However, at the moment, the banks are stable, and it’s fairly easy to operate with your money. In order to open a bank account (you will want to do so if you plan to live there), you will need to have a residence card and proof of address.

When it comes to healthcare, as an EU citizen, you can benefit from medical treatment during your visit to Spain. Permanent residents, however, should register with the Spanish health department to gain access to the state healthcare system.

Worried about finding a job? Well, as English speakers, Britons can easily find a job in the tourism business or as an English teacher. Of course, as a big and developed country, Spain’s economy has companies in all sectors, so it’s fairly easy to find a well-paying job.

Why You Should Hire International Movers from London to Spain

Relying on professionals when moving internationally is important because your belongings need to be properly protected during the long transportation. Furthermore, if you have a lot of stuff, you might need to place some of them in a storage unit while you find the right home in Spain for you and your family. Of course, many other benefits come with professional moving services such as packing, insurance, peace of mind and more. So when deciding on how to move to Spain, be certain to consider all factors before making your final decision.

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