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How to Move and Store Your Mattress Like a Pro in 9 Easy Steps
Moving a mattress is a tiring job You can easily damage it or stain it Not to mention it is bulky, hard to manoeuvre, and weighs so much that if you are not careful can end up hurting your back...
31/01/2022 Read more
Can You Relocate within the UK During the Coronavirus Pandemic
As of December 2021, the UK government has confirmed there are no restrictions on moving and travelling within England So if you want to relocate to London, you can absolutely do so However, some...
21/12/2021 Read more
How to Successfully Move Dangerous Goods
Many preparations need to be made when you are organising a house move One thing to think about is dangerous goods and which of your belongings fall in that category You may be surprised to find...
30/08/2021 Read more
Man and Van: What You Need to Know
Whether you need to relocate to a different part of the city or you’ve bought a wardrobe and wish it delivered to your doorstep – there are many reasons why you might require the assistance...
30/06/2021 Read more
12 Reasons Why to Use a Self Storage
More and more people decide every day to trust their belongings in the hands of professionals and rent a unit Numerous reasons stand behind this decision, and we are going to examine them all But...
29/05/2021 Read more
Office Removals: How to Make the Initial Announcement to Your Employees
The employees are the backbone of every business If they don’t feel comfortable, lack motivation and struggle with the idea of relocating the office, the company may suffer serious monetary...
31/03/2021 Read more
UK Removals: How to Relocate with a Pet Bird in 5 Easy Steps
Relocating with a pet bird is easier than it sounds, you just need to follow a few rules, and everything will be fine Remember your animal can feel when you are stressed out, and it mimics your...
20/02/2021 Read more
Moving to Norway from the UK Post-Brexit
Norway is a popular destination to relocate to due to its booming economy, great job opportunities, beautiful nature and calm way of living However, if you are planning to move to this Scandinavian...
02/02/2021 Read more
The Ultimate List of Moving Mistakes: 21 Things You Should Avoid
Many checklists with different mistakes have been made However, our professionals in Top Removals combined the existing information and their excessive knowledge and created a unique one It...
30/11/2020 Read more
How to Safely Relocate with a Vivarium
Vivariums are used as a home to various pets, but most often to reptiles and amphibians Before we give you a detailed step by step guide on how to safely relocate your animal and its enclosure, we...
15/10/2020 Read more


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Top 5 UK Cities People Choose to Relocate from London in 2023

Top 5 UK Cities People Choose to Relocate from London in 2023


As more and more people look for alternatives to the fast-paced and expensive lifestyle of London, many are choosing to relocate to other cities within the UK Whether for a better quality of life,...

How to Find the Best Moving Company Near You?

How to Find the Best Moving Company Near You?


Moving to a new location can be an exciting but also overwhelming experience One of the biggest challenges when relocating is finding a reliable moving company that can handle all your belongings...

Removals Glossary: 200+ Moving Terms Used in the UK and Around the World

Removals Glossary: 200+ Moving Terms Used in the UK and Around the World


House removals are stressful enough, and the wide range of unfamiliar jargon used by your movers can only add fuel to the situation and make you feel even more confused Your relocation will be...

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