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Self-Storage DONTs – What Not to put in Your London Storage Unit
Storage units are great when you need to make some space around the house or keep your belongings safe for a period of time However, some things are just not meant to be placed there Let’s check...
07/10/2019 Read more
6 Types of Storage and How to Choose the Most Suitable One
There are various reasons one may need a storage unit however few people know how many different types they can choose from And we are not talking only about size and price Here we have the most...
02/09/2019 Read more
Autumn 2019: Things to Do in London After You Move There
Summer slowly starts to fade, and it's time to prepare for the Autumn If you have decided to move during this period to London, you are in luck - the British capital is buzzing with interesting...
26/08/2019 Read more
Moving Crates: How to Choose Between Plastic and Cardboard
When moving to a new home or office people need to pick the right packing materials to ensure the safe arrival of their belongings Often the choice is between plastic crates and cardboard boxes Both...
22/07/2019 Read more
International Move: How to Ship Your Belongings Overseas
People are constantly moving from one city to another and sometimes these places are not even in the same country If you are amongst those who are planning an international move to London, you will...
01/07/2019 Read more
Top Removals with A Two-paged Article in The Mover
For the second time in the last 5 years, Top Removals appears in the infamous magazine The Mover With a detailed two-page article, the deputy director of the famous journal David Jordan follows...
17/06/2019 Read more
9 Amazing Summer Events You Must Visit After You Move to London
Summer has finally arrived in the British capital, alongside the buses of excited tourists The atmosphere in the city is almost festive The spring rain showers are gone and the sun is happily shining...
10/06/2019 Read more
London Storage Tips: How to Properly Store Your Winter Sports Equipment
The summer months are the perfect moment to bring out our canoes, bikes and camping gear and prepare for some fun For the inhabitants of the British capital, this means it’s time to pay a visit to...
03/06/2019, updated: 16/07/2020 Read more
Another Night of Success and Acknowledgement for Top Removals
On the 13th of May 2019 in the heart of London’s financial district, Canary Wharf, the annual BBA was held These prestigious awards are celebrating the efforts and success of different companies in...
20/05/2019 Read more
6 Peculiar British Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind after You Move to London
Great Britain has many secrets, and you will be amazed by how many peculiar festivals and competitions take place here If you are ready to move to Dorset or you are just visiting the country, be...
29/04/2019 Read more


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8 Things You Wish You Knew Before Moving to London

8 Things You Wish You Knew Before Moving to London


Make no mistake moving and living in London is not an easy task The capital is not your average countryside town Things are very different here To help you adapt to the new environment fast and...

50+ FREE Things to Do in London in 2020

50+ FREE Things to Do in London in 2020


If you’ve decided to visit the British capital this year, you are in for a treat One of the oldest cities in Europe has definitely a lot to offer, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a...

What to Expect from Your Professional Movers

What to Expect from Your Professional Movers


The most common advice you will receive when people hear you are about to relocate is to hire a moving company But do you know what to expect as far as the service go As removals experts, we have...

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