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How to Bring the Holiday Spirit in Your Home After Your London Relocation
Changing your home is hard, it is even harder when this happens right before the holidays You need to put an extra effort into making your new place feel more like a home to you Thankfully moving to...
3rd December 2018 Read more
If celebrities do it, why shouldn’t you? 5 famous people and their removals to London
What is it about London that is so alluring to famous people that would make house moving worth it Quite a lot of celebrities who decided to make London their new home and say nothing but good things...
26th November 2018 Read more
How to Plan a House Move to London in 3 Easy Steps
Every experienced mover will tell you that planning is an essential step in the house moving process If you don't organise well your relocation from the beginning, get ready for some trouble But what...
19th November 2018 Read more
The Best Way To Pack and Relocate to London With Your Valuable Antiques
There are many things that you need to keep in mind when you are preparing to pack and move your household to a new location It is not an easy process, and a lot of things can go wrong If your...
12th November 2018 Read more
How to Properly Organise Your London Storage Unit
Finding a good apartment or house in London is a nightmare The city is packed with people that finding a spacious home for a reasonable price is close to impossible That is why more and more...
5th November 2018 Read more
The Biggest Autumn House Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, except if you live in London Don't get us wrong, you can still enjoy a day or two under the warm autumn sun admiring the beautiful crimson colours of the...
29th October 2018 Read more
Tips for the Best Autumn House Relocation in London
Having to change homes in the autumn in London is a bit tricky The weather conditions are not so great, the constant rain can damage both your health and your belongings In order to have a fast and...
22nd October 2018 Read more
The Most Amazing Castles That You Can Visit When You Relocate to London
Great Britain the land of the many castles and fortresses, the land of historical heroes and epic battles After you relocate to London and settle down, we suggest taking some time and go on an...
15th October 2018 Read more
How to Organise the Perfect House Relocation in the Busy London Traffic
The British capital is one of the most populated and fast-growing cities in Europe, and this comes at a price In the last few years, London is amongst the top 10 cities when it comes to congestion If...
8th October 2018 Read more
The Secrets of the Proper Packing Told By Professionals
The proper packing will ensure the safety of your belongings during the relocation process It prevents damages to your possessions and in the long run, is a way to save money However always...
2nd October 2018 Read more


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Moving in a Hurry? Last-Minute House Removals Tips

Moving in a Hurry? Last-Minute House Removals Tips

11th March

Nowadays, with the busy way of living, it's not rare that our destiny takes us on an unpredicted path Sometimes that can be a good thing, such as an extraordinary career opportunity, but every now...

Containers vs. Self Storage – What To Use in London

Containers vs. Self Storage – What To Use in London

4th March

Is your home cluttered with a lot of stuff you don’t immediately need Do you plan to declutter If yes, then you probably consider storing some of them away for the time being However, storage comes...

Free Boxes and Where to Find Them – Tips From London House Movers

Free Boxes and Where to Find Them – Tips From London House Movers

25th February

Boxes and packing materials are the essence of every move Everyone seems to associates moving with boxes and vice versa And these cardboard creations can either be the most expensive item on your...

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