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Self-Storage DONTs – What Not to put in Your London Storage Unit
Storage units are great when you need to make some space around the house or keep your belongings safe for a period of time However, some things are just not meant to be placed there Let’s check...
7th October Read more
The Complete Guide on How to Pack Books for a House Move
If you are about tho move soon one of your biggest concerns is probably how to safely transport your belongings And for people with big libraries, this is an even tougher experience as they need...
30th SEptember Read more
6 Moving Services You May Want to Book This Autumn
The blazing summer is finally over, and we can all take a deep breath and prepare for the cooling Autumn breeze A lot of people choose September to move to London as the weather is quite favourable...
16th September Read more
The Biggest Difficulties When Going Trough a House Moving
House removals are difficult for a variety of reasons and not all of them are related to money Sometimes people get frustrated not only with the unfamiliar environment but with the significant...
9th September Read more
6 Types of Storage and How to Choose the Most Suitable One
There are various reasons one may need a storage unit however few people know how many different types they can choose from And we are not talking only about size and price Here we have the most...
2nd September Read more
Autumn 2019: Things to Do in London After You Move There
Summer slowly starts to fade, and it's time to prepare for the Autumn If you have decided to move during this period to London, you are in luck - the British capital is buzzing with interesting...
26th August Read more
Moving Guide: How to Relocate in the Summer Heat
In the last couple of years, the summers are extremely hot all across West Europe Here in the UK, people have never witnessed such extensive heath waves However, life goes on, and despite the...
19th August Read more
8 Office Moving Mistakes You Need To Run Away From
The many incubators and business parks of London attract thousands of entrepreneurs each year If you are one of the many who have decided to relocate their office to the British capital, you will...
12th August Read more
7+ Ways to Professionally Pack Your Clothes When Moving
People have no idea how important it is to properly prepare and pack your clothes when you are relocating Our London movers can tell you about numerous situations in which a relocation has gone bad...
5th August Read more
What Do You Need When Moving Into Your First House
One of the most important occasions that mark the start of adulthood if getting your own place for the first time It could be a house you share with a couple of friends or a small fat just for...
29th July Read more


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London Removal 101: How Much Time House Moves Take

London Removal 101: How Much Time House Moves Take

13th January

Relocating to a new house is time-consuming It’s important for you to consider how many hours your house move will take because most removal companies charge hourly But you still want your items to...

The Best Places to Relocate to Outside of London

The Best Places to Relocate to Outside of London

6th January

The big city life is not for everybody, and a lot of people chose to move away from London after spending there a couple of years But where to go What is the most suitable place for you Let’s check...

Why Have a House Relocation to London in 2020

Why Have a House Relocation to London in 2020

30th December

The old year is almost over and its time to think about the fresh opportunities the new one can present us with If you are contemplating moving to the British capital, 2020 is the time to do it You...

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