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How Is the Price for House Removal Services Calculated?
Because of the high number of tenants in the British capital, the market is full of house removal companies For the average person who is conducting research and gathering quotes, all of it can...
21st January Read more
The Step-by-step Guide to Office Removal
There are many reasons why a business may need to move an office but one thing is always certain - it can be stressful for all parties involved If you don’t plan and prepare, that is On the other...
14th January Read more
House Moving Insurance: Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing It
The safest and easiest way to relocate to and from London is no doubt by using the services of a removals company By doing this, you will be certain that if something goes wrong, the movers must pay...
8th January Read more
Decluttering: The Must-Do Task Before House Removals
If you are planning for a home removal, you most certainly are looking for options to lower the overall cost of the process One of the easiest ways to do so is by reducing the number of items you...
2nd January Read more
The 5 Major Holiday House Moving Mistakes You Need to Avoid
It is Christmas time once again, and if this year you have decided to move before or in-between the winter festivities you are one brave soul You have the unpleasant task to find a way to...
24th December Read more
Discover the Magic of London Christmas Markets After Your Home Move
Moving during the Holidays is a tuff task There are twice as many things you would need to accomplish in order to relocate and celebrate the upcoming holidays To take your mind from the dull chores...
17th December Read more
5 Places to Visit During The Holidays after Your London House Move
Moving to a new city just before the holiday season is especially stressful, as you have to think both for your actual moving chores and the Christmas preparations You will be irritated, your...
10th December Read more
How to Bring the Holiday Spirit in Your Home After Your London Relocation
Changing your home is hard, it is even harder when this happens right before the holidays You need to put an extra effort into making your new place feel more like a home to you Thankfully moving to...
3rd December 2018 Read more
If Celebrities Do It, Why Shouldn’t You? 5 Famous People and Their Removals to London
What is it about London that is so alluring to famous people that would make the house moving worth it Quite a lot of celebrities who decided to make London their new home and say nothing but good...
26th November 2018 Read more
How to Plan a House Move to London in 3 Easy Steps
Every experienced mover will tell you that planning is an essential step in the house moving process If you don't organise well your relocation from the beginning, get ready for some trouble But what...
19th November 2018 Read more


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6 Peculiar British Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind after You Move to London

6 Peculiar British Traditions That Will Blow Your Mind after You Move to London

29th April

Great Britain has many secrets, and you will be amazed by how many peculiar festivals and competitions take place here If you are ready to move to Dorset or you are just visiting the country, be...

Top Removals Is a Proud BAR Member

Top Removals Is a Proud BAR Member

22nd April

We are happy to announce that since the beginning of April Top Removals has become a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) With this recognition comes great responsibility towards our...

House Moving Rules and Regulations in the UK

House Moving Rules and Regulations in the UK

15th April

When you organise a house relocation to London or any other part of the Uk you need to be aware of some important regulations In order to summarise everything in an understandable way, we have sat...

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