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Coronavirus Outbreak in the UK and What Is Top Removals Doing About It
Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the UK, and the need to provide quality moving services to the clients that still require them, we have developed a new policy It will ensure the safety of both...
27/03/2020 Read more
The Ultimate House Moving Guide
1 What to Do When You Move to the UK You need to formulate a detailed plan and include the following steps: Research, Preparation and Execution The first one covers your basics: formulating a...
25/03/2020 Read more
7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Self Storage in London
More and more people decide every day to trust their belongings in the hands of professionals and rent a unit in one of the big storage facilities in London There are numerous reasons one might want...
24/02/2020 Read more
50+ FREE Things to Do in London in 2020
If you’ve decided to visit the British capital this year, you are in for a treat One of the oldest cities in Europe has definitely a lot to offer, and the best part is you don’t have to spend a...
10/02/2020 Read more
What to Expect from Your Professional Movers
The most common advice you will receive when people hear you are about to relocate is to hire a moving company But do you know what to expect as far as the service go As removals experts, we have...
27/01/2020 Read more
Moving on a Budget: How to Do It?
They can be many reasons for a house move, but there is always one important point you need to think long and carefully about - money The success of your relocations lays on how well have you...
20/01/2020 Read more
London Removal 101: How Much Time House Moves Take
Relocating to a new house is time-consuming It’s important for you to consider how many hours your house move will take because most removal companies charge hourly But you still want your items to...
13/01/2020 Read more
The Best Places to Relocate to Outside of London
The big city life is not for everybody, and a lot of people chose to move away from London after spending there a couple of years But where to go What is the most suitable place for you Let’s check...
06/01/2020 Read more
Top Winter Shows You Can See in London in 2019
The Holidays are here, and you need to get ready for a well-deserved rest, especially if you just moved to the British capital London has so much to offer this winter from amusing pantomime to...
23/12/2019 Read more
9 Ways to Use Your Storage Space Smart and Efficient
When you live in an expensive metropolitan such as London, you most definitely don’t have enough space for all of your belongings at your small flat The solution is simple - rent a self-storage and...
16/12/2019 Read more


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How to Successfully Move Dangerous Goods

How to Successfully Move Dangerous Goods


Many preparations need to be made when you are organising a house move One thing to think about is dangerous goods and which of your belongings fall in that category You may be surprised to find...

Man and Van: What You Need to Know

Man and Van: What You Need to Know


Whether you need to relocate to a different part of the city or you’ve bought a wardrobe and wish it delivered to your doorstep – there are many reasons why you might require the assistance...

12 Reasons Why to Use a Self Storage

12 Reasons Why to Use a Self Storage


More and more people decide every day to trust their belongings in the hands of professionals and rent a unit Numerous reasons stand behind this decision, and we are going to examine them all But...

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