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Office Moving in London – How to Prepare and Execute It Properly

posted: 4th February

office removal in LondonYour company has been growing, and your current office is not enough for all employees? Or maybe you want to serve customers from another location better and wish to move? There are numerous reasons why a business might need to relocate to a new place but no matter your motivation, you still need to ensure a smooth transition. And that is why we are here to help. In the following paragraphs, we will share a few important tips for people organising their office relocation.

The First Steps of Your Office Removals in London

  • Pick the right office for your business. The place is supposed to serve you and your business for a long time. After all, you probably plan to grow some more, aren’t you? That’s why, you should carefully check the condition of the building you’re about to rent, the transportation options that are available, and all other things you deem important. Don’t forget this will be a massive change for your employees as well and some of them might not be that keen on that idea. Make sure the new area offers some more amenities and improves on your current state because you’ll need to “sell” the relocation to your staff members.
  • Request the blueprints and make copies. In order to properly fit your equipment and working desks, you will need the blueprints for the floors. Send them to your movers for them to get familiar with the task that lays ahead. Also, don’t forget to include the managers of the different departments in your company in the relocation process – they will be the ones to communicate this change with their teams. Assign them the task of sorting out the working stations of their team members.
    When you are done with the above, send all employees a copy of the floor plans – you want to avoid being asked multiple times where the toilet or kitchen is during the first days at the new place.
  • Declutter and get rid of any unneeded office equipment. This means old computers, chairs, desks, and everything else you won’t need, really.

Hint: You can donate some of these belongings and turn your office relocation in London into a successful corporate social responsibility campaign.
You can also use this opportunity to surprise your staff pleasantly by improving their desks, chairs, monitors or personal computers. If you have equipment that you won’t need at first but plan on using it later, make sure to arrange for storage that will suit your business needs.

When the Time for the Office Relocation in London Comes

packing for an office removals in LondonYou need to inform your employees for the date of the relocation as soon as you know it. Some of them might need to change their homes if they live far away from the new location. Make sure to explain why the business needs to move and how this will help the company and everyone in it in the future.

Don’t be afraid to include your employees in the relocation. The easiest thing you can do is ask them for ideas on how the new office can be decorated and personalised. It’s a double win really as you can implement the ideas and win bonus points with your staff for being considerate.
Another good plan is to give your employees boxes and labels in order for them to pack their personal belongings – it’s a great gesture.

Do you have system administrators among your employees? If not, you will need to hire someone to connect all computers and properly set up the Internet connection prior to your moving. Not doing so may result in lost working hours or even Internet interruptions. Keep in mind that most companies that provide office removals in London can recommend reliable sysadmin teams for commercial moves of any scale. So, make sure to discuss that with your movers as well.

After Your Office Moving to London

One thing is a must – celebrate it with your employees! During the party, explain how this is a big step in the development of your company and how there might be difficulties but the management is committed to helping each and every one by improving the office atmosphere. Don’t forget some of your employees have made compromises and thank everyone for handling the move professionally. You can use this to remind your staff of the long way the company has walked prior to moving to the current place – tell them stories about the first office, the first employees, the very first struggles of the business. In general, make them feel part of something bigger and see everything in perspective. This will give them additional motivation and will help them forget about the stress of office relocation in London.


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