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Office Removals: How to Pack Your Work Place Fast

posted: 15/07/2019

planning an office moveMoving your business is not like relocating your home. You need to be 100% certain in what you are doing and rely on proven professionals to help you in this endeavour. For that reason, we have created a detailed step by step guide of fast office removals. As one of the best moving companies in London, our consultants know what they are talking about.

Back Up Your Information

Nowadays everything is stored either on a server or on your computer. If your files are kept on a local device, make sure to do a complete back up before you relocate. You don’t want to lose your information by accident. Inform your employees they need to check their devices and clean them for any unnecessary files or emails before your Sys Admin start the procedure.

Make Pictures of Everything

If you have a server, you need to make lots of pictures of everything before packing it away. It is vital to know where each device should be plugged and how all of the cables should be arranged. Believe us, when you arrive at your new office you will be grateful for those detailed images.

packing a server for an office relocationRent Computer Crates

Most London moving companies offer specialised transportation crates for your office electronics. Avoid packing your laptops and printers in cardboard boxes, everything can happen. Rent some reusable plastic crates that will keep your items safe and dry. If you are unsure about what is the best way of packing everything you can ask your movers for help and advise.

Pack Carefully Your Archive

The majority of businesses have in addition to their digital archive a paper one as well. You must be extra careful while packing it. Plastic crates are also a great solution for this situation. The important thing you need to remember is to label every box. Make a list with its exact contents. You will be grateful when the time for unpacking at the new storage comes.

Prepare Your Soft Furniture for the Relocation

Now, that you have dealt with the most important things – the proper packing and protection of your archive, you are ready to start wrapping the furniture. All couches, soft chairs and coffee tables must go first. See what you can disassemble and which pieces you will be moving like they are. Consider donating or throwing the older and damaged ones. The idea is to start packing from the items least used around the office.

Pack Your Office Kitchen/Common Room

Next time to prepare the common rooms for the move. Your employees can immensely help you. Ask them to sort to all of the items in these places and make a pile of everything they don’t think your new office space needs. Consider donating to your local charity or shelter.

pack your office desk for a London relocationDesk Packing

Every employee must pack their own workplace. This way both you and they will be certain all is prepared well. Use regular cardboard boxes for the task and label everything. We can’t stress enough how important is this for the smooth executions of all moving services. Remember to supply your staff with “Fragile” stickers.

Properly Wrap Your Desks and Office Chairs

Last but not least comes the preparation of each individual workplace. If you are going to use the same furniture in the new place, you need to make sure all is wrapped properly. Big office removals to a rainy city like London can mean you need to be extra cautious when wrapping each item with plastic sheets.

Tips From Our London Experts

Here are some essential chores you need to do before loading the last box in the moving truck:

  • All utility bills for both the old and new office must be paid;
  • Make sure to organise the relocation during a weekend, so you won’t waste valuable time;
  • Discuss all upcoming actions with your staff and get everybody on board;
  • Hire a cleaning company to prep your new office space;
  • Send an email to your customers informing them for the change in your contact information.

All you need to do now is to throw a big company party and enjoy your new office!

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Removals for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with moving companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Removals with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.

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