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Simplifying Your House Move (Part 2)

posted: 23/04/2017

For those of you who keep up to date with the Top Removals blog, you will have already seen some great hacks for making house moves simple in our last post. The post included tips for packing wardrobes, chargers, leads and more. Today we are going to be providing even more top tips for those looking to move house, with the intention of allowing home moves to be easier than ever before.

If it is a simple house move that you want, this article is for you…

Easy house moving with Top Removals London


  1. Protect your bed. As you already most probably know, moving house can be incredibly tiring, even when the greatest tips are followed and adhered to. Many people upon arriving at their new homes want to collapse in bed and have a good night sleeps ready for unpacking the next day. However, dirty and damaged mattresses often stop this from occurring. You must take steps to stop your mattress from getting damaged/dirty while moving. This doesn’t have to be difficult either; it really can be as easy as putting cheap fitted sheets on both sides of the mattress and placing all bedding in quality bin bags.
  2. Get rid of nail holes. Many of us transform houses into a home through using wall art and other similar decorations; however, these can often have damaging impacts such as the leaving of nail holes in walls and more. When taking pictures and decorative accessories down from walls and upon finding holes in which are no longer needed, you should try and fill these. This might sound as though it may be a mammoth task, but trust us when we say that it is not. Nail holes in walls can simply be filled by scrubbing soap across the holes until they are no longer indented.
  3. DIY box handles. Carrying cardboard boxes when moving can sometimes be difficult, and this is only made even harder when the cardboard boxes at hand do not have handles. To make carrying these boxes easier, and relieve stress, simply take a knife and cut two handles in either side — This will make your removals process much easier.



  1. A common problem when it comes to unpacking is removing the tape from boxes. Strong tapes in which can be used for moving can often be difficult to remove due to their sheer strength. To avoid this issue here at Top Removals we advise people to place string underneath the tape, hanging out slightly so that all boxes can easily be ripped open. We offer a range of packing materials for all of our customers to take advantage of.
  2. Declutter! Moving house should always be used as an opportunity to declutter — There is no point in taking junk and unused items to one house from another. Get rid of things that you no longer need, considering taking things to charity, selling things and giving things away.

We hope that you have found these top tips helpful.

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