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Some Stuff To Do Before You Move To Your New Home

posted: 11/03/2016

House removals in London

There are some small but important things which if you conduct prior to the actual moving your life will be so much easier. We’re going to take a look at them. But always keep in mind that Top Removals is there for you. You can simply end your troubles by trying our man and van service, packing service, domestic and international removal services. We also provide a rubbish disposal service. Our team will take care of the daily refuse collection, remove the rubbish and waste, office and house and loft clearances.

Know that it doesn’t matter if the specific service you’re asking for is on our list. Top Removals will find just the right people and pros for the job! You’ll be able to recognize them because they will come to your house fully trained, equipped, uniformed and ready to tackle any problem.

Before House Removal To-do ListTop Removals prices are not only affordable but smart and we have a no-obligation quote.
Want to continue to use your old and lovely bed, wardrobe, washing machine or fridge? That wouldn’t be a problem because we can provide you with Big Moving boxes for the larger appliances, Small Moving boxes for household items or books and Wardrobe Boxes for … you guessed it — wardrobes. The upholstery will be most safe with our Mattress Cover and don’t forget about the wonderful Bubble Wrap for your jewelry and valuables.
And you don’t have to do the packing yourself as we also offer a packing service and an unpacking service after we’ve moved your stuff at the new home.

What Should You Do Before Your House Removal?

Let’s see which things are best conducted before the move. Switch the utilities. This is the utmost important thing you should do before commencing the move. Unless you want to continue paying the water, electricity and gas bills for your previous house. Or you still own it and are obliged to do so. Which is most often not the case. Before moving to the new place call the company and set up a new service. It is very important especially if the home is newly built.

Familiarize yourself with the locals and the surroundings. Being in good relations with your neighbors is important so why don’t you print or handcraft an invitation for a getting-to-know party. Use your imagination and make it an interesting one. Don’t go for a pajama or garden party. You can still hold in the garden but think of an interesting theme. Like a space one where everyone will have to sew up their own alien costumes beforehand. Or a do-it-yourself party where they’ll have to create handmade necklaces or bracelets. Engage people and soon you’ll find how well you’ve gotten to know them.
It’s also good to know where the best places to shop are. You are intending to live there for a while after all. So take a walk around your new neighborhood and discover them. It might be full of nice and cozy little stores or outlets where you can not only buy stuff but have a fine conversation with the owner or shopkeeper. And making friends is good.

Don’t take any flammable items along. Old paint and chemicals should be disposed of properly and never brought along the way. Also, any stuff that you have no need has to go. Especially clothes. Now is the best time to donate, sell or just put in the garbage bin.
Perform a back-up on the computers and laptops. Electronics tend to be the one that suffers the most during the move as people prefer to take them in their personal cars rather than leave them with the moving company. Don’t forget that the Top Removers team is composed only of the best professionals in the business. We also work outside of normal hours and work days. And there is no additional charge. We provide a storage service in London if you still haven’t decided what you want to place and where.

Pack a backpack or suitcase with the immediate necessities. They may include toiletries and cosmetics, comfortable clothes, the book you’ve been reading recently and stuff like that. It will prevent you from opening random boxes and pointlessly looking for things that aren’t there.
Once you’ve done all this it’s time for the move.
And Top Removals will be there to aid you in the toughest situations with our team of excellent team of house movers. Be it packing, unpacking, packaging materials or man and van services we will be there to assist you.


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