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The Biggest Autumn House Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

posted: 29th October 2018

house moving to LondonAutumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, except if you live in London. Don’t get us wrong, you can still enjoy a day or two under the warm autumn sun admiring the beautiful crimson colours of the tree crowns. However, during this season in the British capital is mostly rainy and cold. It is not the best time to plan and organise a house relocation. Nevertheless, there are those unfortunate ones, that just have to move. In hope to help and unload a little the burden of the stressful house relocation, we have gathered a list with the most common mistakes a person can make during their move to London.

Transportation Mistakes When Moving to London

When preparing to relocate people usually don’t think much about the actual process of moving their belongings from one place to another. This can lead to a couple of big mistakes that can cost a lot of time and money.

  • Forgot about the traffic conditions in the capital. In autumn especially there are many traffic jams and last-minute rout repairs. This will result in serious delays with the loading and unloading, so you need to be prepared for it. It is no help that in school also starts in autumn, plus the constant rains are making people use their own transport. So basically, when you are calculating your expenses make sure to keep in mind that the transport will be costly.
  • Forgot to find a place to park. This is a big problem in London in general. There are very few available places where you can park and load and unload a moving truck. You need to speak to your moving coordinator and make sure you won’t face additional charges and taxes.
  • Forgot the plants. In warmer weather, you can pack and transport your houseplants in the moving truck. If you do that in the cold for more than a couple of hours, your plants will freeze. Consider transporting them with you, in the car.

Autumn Packing Mistakes to Avoid

If you are moving during the warmer months you can be more relaxed when it comes to packing. In autumn, however, the weather conditions are against you, and it is very easy to involuntarily damage your property.

  • home packing to move to LondonForgot its raining. We often say that a little rain won’t melt you, but the situation with your furniture is more complex. If wood or fabric gets wet and stays in a closed container for a couple of days, you will end up with serious mould problems. That is why when packing the heavy furniture you need to wrap tightly everything in plastic sheets. Be careful and don’t leave any openings for the rain to enter.
  • Forgot cardboard and water don’t go well together. The typical packing material everybody uses is, of course, cardboard boxes. It is ok when it’s not raining outside while loading, but if it is, everything will get damp. And here we go again with the mould and water damages. If you are moving homes in the autumn in London, it is best to order reusable plastic containers. This way yon one hand you will reduce the paper you will use and help the environment, and on the other, won’t have to deal with the mildew. Unfortunately, not all moving companies offer these services. A good alternative is to place your items in plastic bags, seal them tightly and then place them in the cardboard boxes. Even if the outside gets wet, your things will still stay dry.
  • Forgot the mud. Rain equals mud, a lot of mud and most of it will end up on the floor of both your old place and your new home. Place plastic sheets in the rooms with the most foot traffic. This way you will protect the floors from damage and have to clean less after everything is over.
  • Forgot its flu season. It’s important to stay healthy during the whole home switching process. Remember, London rains bring more than just water and cold weather. When you prepare your hand luggage place some cold medicines in there. Take tea or other hot beverages with you. Stay warm and healthy.


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