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The Biggest Difficulties When Going Trough a House Moving

posted: 9th September

difficulty when house moving to LondonHouse removals are difficult for a variety of reasons and not all of them are related to money. Sometimes people get frustrated not only with the unfamiliar environment but with the significant cultural differences they may encounter at the new place. Let’s explore deeper what are the most frequent obstacles you need to overcome when house moving to London and what changes you may expect.

The Uncertainty in the First Weeks

Usually, this happens with people who come from smaller towns and tight communities. London is a multicultural metropolitan and in the beginning, it will be very hard to find your place. Don’t worry, it’s normal after a house relocation to feel anxious and uncertain if you have made the right choice. Give it some time, and you will get used to the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Finding New Friends

This is one of the biggest difficulties when moving to a new city, especially for the more introverted people. It is common the feel lonely in the big city even if you are constantly surrounded by crowds. Thankfully there are so many things you can do in London that if you stay openminded you will find new friends in no time. Check out the local clubs and activities within your neighbourhood. Go introduce yourself to the neighbours and organise a house warming party. You are already out of your comfort zone, a little more won’t hurt. Don’t be afraid of experiencing new things.

relocating to busy LondonGetting Used to the New Work Environment

If you not only changed your home but also your job, things can be very difficult for you. This is especially relevant for people who have moved from overseas. As long as you do your best and keep a positive attitude, everything will be alright. New beginnings are always hard so don’t get anxious. The change of workplaces is a part of the house relocation.

Change of Accommodation

Unless your new home is in the suburbs, you will most likely remove to a smaller house or apartment. This can be quite a shock for those who are used to the big country houses. Our advice is to pack as little as you can and to relocate with just a few boxes. This way you will avoid cluttering your new place and will have enough space to buy some additional decorations. Not to mention the expenses for hiring a moving company will be less.

Children Need Time to Adapt

The older your kid is, the longer they will need to adapt to the new environment. Housesmoving is especially hard on pre-teens and teens as they leave their newly formed social circles. You need to acknowledge this and give your child enough time to get used to the change. Do not force them right away to go to school. Let them settle down, unpack, and familiarise themselves with the new house. Go around the city together and spend as much family time as possible.

dog in your London houseYour Pets Will be Scared at the Beginning

Your cat or dog will also be in shock after your relocation. So many new smells and sounds. London is filled with amazing parks and outdoor areas however you mustn’t rush things. Once you settle down and your local house movers unload the last boxes wait at least a week before introducing your pet to the outside world. You need to plan your time in a way that allows you to spend it with your pets and make them feel comfortable.

Plants Have Feelings Too

If you have decided to relocate with your houseplants, you need to put some effort into their acclimatisation to the new home. You must follow a couple of precise steps to ensure your plants will survive both the actual house removal and the months after. It may be inconvenient at first, but we guarantee you, there is nothing more relaxing than a home filled with healthy, blooming greenery.


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