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The Complete Guide on How to Pack Books for a House Move

posted: 30th SEptember

books in a London houseIf you are about tho move soon one of your biggest concerns is probably how to safely transport your belongings. And for people with big libraries, this is an even tougher experience as they need figuring a way to relocate their paper items while keeping them safe from the elements. One dropped box and your valuable copy of “Pride and Prejudice” can end up soaking wet tanks to the constant London rains. We sympathise with all book lovers and decided to create a complete guide on how to properly pack and preserve your books during the home move.

What Packing Materials to Choose

The most important thing is to pick the right materials. There are many different options of course but based on our extensive moving experience our London professionals suggest the following:

  • Packing paper – some volumes are more valuable than others and you need to wrap them before putting them in the box.
  • Boxes – the question whit the crates is very serious so it has its own separate place in this article.
  • Labels and markers – you need to write down what is inside every box or at least from which shelve of your bookcase they come.
  • Packing peanuts – they are a better option than using crinkled paper as padding.
  • Bubble wrap – occasionally you can use bubble wrap instead of packing paper.
  • Tape – everything must be sealed properly.

books in a box during a move to London

Pick the Right Moving Boxes for Your Needs

Depending on the distance you are planning to move you can choose between sturdy cardboard boxes and plastic crates. However, keep in mind that regardless of how its made cardboard is essentially paper and if you are relocating in the rain or snow you might want to rent yourself some plastic carriers.
Another important thing when picking a box is its size. Professional house moving companies often offer packing services and their teams use primarily medium-sized boxes, preferably with handles. The heavier the load the harder it is to carry and if you can’t have a comfortable grip on it you can easily drop it while loading or unloading.

Packing Paperback Books

Usually, the majority of your books are not hardcovered, so you need to spend a little more time prepping them for the road.

  • You can put them in flat and stacked or spine first so that the paper edges facing up. It all depends on how big is your box. However, the first method will guarantee you won’t incidentally fold or rip a page.
  • Secure the crate with foam peanuts.
  • For the more expensive volumes, you can wrap them in bubble wrap but be careful with the edges.

packing hardcover books for a move to LondonMoving with Your Hardcover Books

Packing hardcover books is way easier than paperbacks. Just arrange them with their spines against the side of the box. You can put a piece of cardboard separating the paper edges this way you can have two rows side by side. The danger with hardcover books hides in their wight. It is better to use more medium-sized boxes than one big one. Depending on the covers of your books, you might want to wrap each one individually in paper to prevent scratches, ink transfer or other damages.

Additional Packing Advice

Here are a couple of more professional tips from our London experts. Follow them, and you will have a safe and smooth house moving:

  • If you are using cardboard boxes before putting anything inside them, seal the bottom with tape. This way it won’t rip if you accidentally overload it.
  • Wrap the cardboard box with tape a couple of times just to add extra sturdiness.
  • Always label the boxes with “Books” or “Fragile”. So your movers will know what is inside.
  • Do not overload the crates or else the boxes may rip.
  • If the weather is bad, you can wrap your cardboard boxes in plastic sheets and secure them with tape to prevent water damage.
  • Do not use old newspapers or magazines as padding as the ink can get easily transferred to your book covers.


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