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The Secrets of the Proper Packing Told By Professionals

posted: 2nd October 2018

Packing secrets from London's expert movers
The proper packing will ensure the safety of your belongings during the relocation process. It prevents damages to your possessions and in the long run, is a way to save money. However, always remember to ask your home movers about their insurance policies.
If you pack correctly, you will unpack fast and easy.

Packing Rules

There are a couple of basic rules that need to be followed to have an effortless and uneventful house move:

  • The heavy items are always on the bottom;
  • Jewellery and designer garments travel with their owner;
  • Label every box, so you know which box goes where;
  • Everything can be used as packing material with a little fantasy;


  • First pack the seasonal clothes, that are not going to be used soon;
  • Each type of clothing has its own box;
  • Use wardrobe boxes to pack your clothes while still on the hangers;

Shoes and Bags

  • All shoes must be properly clean before packing;
  • Place the shoes in their original boxes or in a duster bag and pack separately each pair;
  • Always check the bags for sharp objects and/or makeup before packing;
  • Don’t use newspapers for wrapping, the ink may stain the fabrics;

Accessories and Jewellery

  • All hard, straw or Panama hats must be packed in a hat box, or else they will break;
  • Place small items like rings and earrings in ziplock bags, to avoid losing them;
  • The best way to transport your accessories is in a jewellery box or plastic container with a good locking mechanism:

Makeup and Cosmetics

  • Use cotton balls to secure powders and eyeshadow and prevent breakages;
  • Place your brushes in a brush roll with a protective lid on the side of the bristles;
  • Before packing your cosmetics wrap every container in bubble wrap;
  • Each bottle must be placed in its own ziplock bag;
  • Transport your cosmetics in a waterproof makeup bag or a plastic container;

Plates and Cutlery

  • Never pack wet silverware make sure everything is dry;
  • Wrap plates in paper and place them in the box parallel, to save space;
  • Put paper inside of each glass or bug and then wrap it in bubble wrap;
  • Put a “fragile sticker” on all boxes;

Softgoods and Bedding

  • All blankets, sheets and pillows must be washed before packed;
  • Everything must be completely dry before packing;
  • Vacuum bags are a great transporting solution;
  • Avoid packing in cardboard boxes, they can easily get wet and damage everything that is placed inside;


  • Hardcover books can be packed vertically, with their spine against the side of the box;
  • Don’t pack paperbacks vertically. They will get damaged;
  • Place paperbacks spines first with their edges facing up;


  • Make a backup to all of the computers and laptops in the home;
  • Take pictures of all of the electronics in the home before packing, to document their state before the transportation;
  • Use sheets or bubble wrap to secure them when placing in the moving boxes;




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