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Things for New Parents to Consider When Moving to Another City

posted: 16th Aug 2017

Having your first child comes with a mixed bag of emotions, including but not limited to excitement and anxiety. New parents that are moving house possibly face more emotion than any other new parent too, with moving house being an already stressful experience without having to look after and consider a little one also. However, there is no need to panic, providing that the tips which we provide today are followed moving doesn’t have to be stressful at all for new parents.

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Top Tips to Follow

Keep things as consistent as possible: A change in location is enough to confuse a baby or small child, so it is vital that you ensure that you keep as much the same as possible. Consistency is key and the little things really do matter. Some of the things that you should do include; using the same laundry detergent, keeping the same eating and sleeping schedules and bringing things from your child’s old bedroom.

Hire a dependable moving company: Hiring a removals company is always important when it comes to moving, but even more so for those with babies and children. Hiring a dependable and reputable removals company will allow you to focus on your child without having to get stressed. Many removal companies, such as ourselves are also able to go the extra mile, not only moving possessions but also packing/unpacking for you and much more.

Top Removals - New parents moving to a new city

Select a home that is near to social events and child-focused resources: Unless you are already pretty familiar with the city that you’re moving to you should ensure that the house you choose is close to social events and playgrounds – this will help you to integrate. You should also try to join groups such as ‘baby and me’ and parenthood gatherings so that you can build a good support network which will never be too far away.

Get to know your neighbours: You should meet your neighbours before you move in, it is important that you get along with your neighbours so that you can negotiate with them to ensure that everyone is happy at all times. You should also take a walk through the new neighbourhood to see how things are and get a feel for the location.

Look out for neighbourhood necessities: Think about the things that you need close to your house and ensure that they are there; these things could for example include bus stops, convenient stores and recreational fields. Nearby schools are perhaps also something that you will need to think about.


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