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Things You Need to Know About London Before You Move There

posted: 03/09/2018

Home removals to LondonLondon is amongst the most preferred places to start a business and find work thus hundreds of people relocate here every year. The British capital is a great place to have a house move too. You can find good schools for your children and lots of interesting activities to do throughout the year. There is always something happening in London, a cultural event or a social gathering. However, there are some things that you should be aware of before actually moving to the Old Capital. Here is a list of all the peculiar things you need to know about London.

Relocating to the Traffic Hell

London is famous for its traffic jams and crazy road organisation. Driving in the city is madness. During the rush hour, you may need close to three hours to get home. We advise you on your first after the relocation to take the bus. It is a way cheaper form of transportation and there are available seats almost always. That way you will be able to look round the city and get to know it better. If you still prefer the subway here is what you need to know:

  • The Overground is better in any way than the Underground. It is air-conditioned and it is less crowded.
  • The underground or the Tube has eleven lines which are divided into nine zones.
  • The Tube fare depends on how far are you travelling in which part of the day and how are you going to pay. Contactless payments are the cheapest way to pay for a single ticket.
  • Underground services run usually from five in the morning until midnight. Some lines have a night shift on Fridays and Saturdays.

Moving to London, Where Not to Go

House removals to LondonYou must bear in mind that London is not only a densely populated city but is also a very desirable tourist destination. This means that during the warm months the capital will be swirling with tourists. Here are some places that you might want to avoid visiting during the active tourist season:

  • Westminster – there are so many historical buildings here, but you want to be able to see anything from all the crowds.
  • Trafalgar square – It is a square but during the warm months, you can actually feel suffocated by how many people are in one place.
  • The London Eye – This one is to be avoided not only because of the crowds but also because it is unnecessarily expensive. If you want to have a beautiful view and take a lot of pictures of the city visit one of the many restaurants and open terraces of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Things You Need to Prepare For When You Move to London

There are some changes you need to make in your habits in order to survive in London.

  • Forget about the beautiful heels and shiny shoes. You will walk a lot in London and you need to buy comfortable shoes. You can carry your designer, stylish footwear in your bag, but on your feet, wear those old trainers that you love so much.
  • Say goodbye to the gym unless you earn a fortune. Gym membership in London is absurdly expensive. It is time to start running in the park again.
  • Maybe cut down on clubbing in the trendiest places. You will need at least one bag of money to pass the security and will wait close to an hour just to get inside. London can offer you a variety of good bars and pubs, so not always the most talked about is the best.
  • You don’t need to carry cash in you. Almost everywhere they accept card payments. Contactless debit cards are the fastest, safest and easiest payment method.

Home relocation to LondonWhat to Do After Your London House Relocation

In the first weeks after the exhausting home moving is finally over, you won’t have a lot to spend but this doesn’t mean you need to stay at home. London can offer you great entertainment for almost no money:

  • Visit free museums. You can literally spend five days only in the Natural History Museum.
  • If you have kids, why not go to a free petting zoo? They are all over the city parks and spending an afternoon feeding baby llamas or goats sounds quite fun.
  • Have a fun family day in one of the many beautiful parks in London.

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