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Tips To Fit a Lot of Furniture While Moving Into a Small House

posted: 20/02/2018

People keep accumulating stuff with the passage of time. Finally, there comes a phase, when you may find yourself with practically no space left in your homes. It is particularly true when you are staying in a smaller house. Apart from extending your existing space, it may be tough to think about an effective solution for your space related problems. Yet, there are so many ways for being creative with utilizing your existing storage space even though you have a small house or planning to shift to a smaller house. Here are some of those tips to make the maximum space to fit plenty of stuff even if you are shifting to a smaller house as compared to your last one.

You need to really become ruthless when moving your house

When you are moving to a smaller house, the first step for you is definitely to look for a good storage and removals company. Once you have settled that issue and all your stuff get delivered to your small house, an easy way to fit more pieces of stuff is to organize all the items you possess. It is a common practice to just go on stuffing items into their cupboards and drawers simply to make them invisible. However, when you file these items neatly and organize all these items properly in your cupboards and drawers, you can fit even more of them comfortably. Yet,
there will still be a time when you would have reached the maximum limits. It is precisely at that moment when you have to become ruthless. It means now is the time for you to decluttering the non-essential items to remain organized.

Existing storage space to be maximized

wardrobe organizer for moving into a smaller London houseYou can maximize your existing storage space in various ways. For your bathrooms and kitchen, you can invest in drawer organizers and cupboards so that the versatility of those existing storage spaces can be further improved. After all, closets and wardrobes are some of those common areas, which may get disorganized and overstuffed. When you opt for a few fixes, you can create a makeover to provide you with more storage space. In case, there is a built-in wardrobe in your house, you can get a drawer unit installed inside to store your accessories or extra shoes. It is also
possible to place extra shelves to stack more items or clothing in organizer boxes.

You may face a little trouble while creating extra spaces in your freestanding wardrobes and yet there are ways of doing so. You can use books on your wardrobe’s inside to hang your coats, hats or bags. How about installing them on your wardrobes’ exterior to get that extra space? Another excellent tactic to increase space in a wardrobe is to use shoe organizers for storing other items like t-shirts, pants, and socks.

Vertical spaces can be utilized

floating shelvesYou should not underestimate the potential of vertical space at your home. Many people make the blunder of using the entire floor area and simply overlook the space that can be used on their walls. For instance, you can install large shelves or built-in wardrobes on your walls to add more storage. Another stylish way is to install floating shelves that can use the vertical space effectively. Feel free to think creatively while utilizing your vertical space in the best possible way.

You can hang the utensils on a utensil rack on the walls of your kitchen. Alternatively, you may use the ceiling of the kitchen to create a rack for your pans. This way, tour cupboard and drawer space can be freed from bulky items. Instead, you can store your more important kitchen gadgets there.

In fact, vertical space is also useful for storing your electronic items. So, mount your TV set on one of the walls when moving into your new house. You can also place your stereo or music system on a wall shelf to save plenty of places. Go for wall-mounted lighting systems instead of table lamps or floor lamps.

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