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Top Removals Outlines Plans to Expand Moving Fleet

posted: 23/05/2014

Top Removals' Vans in London

The popular moving company states that a new vehicle would make large moves easier.

East London’s fastest-growing moving company, Top Removals, has officially announced a desire to expand its already impressive fleet, responding to an increase in demand for more and bigger moves.

The company is known well in London, delivering removal solutions for domestic and commercial customers in the region. With business through the roof and more demand for large-scale moves, they say expanding their fleet is a natural response and are currently looking for a new vehicle.

Daniel Perry, Transport Manager of Top Removals, explained: “Top Removals continues to grow and with that has come to a pressing need to improve our move capacity. We’ve been considering a new van for a while and are now ready to start seriously looking for an 18-tonne vehicle to increase the volume of space and provide more support for large domestic and office moves.”

A larger fleet with a bigger moving truck will provide a lot of benefits for Top Removals, allowing them to improve upon and roll out their services.

“Having a bigger vehicle will make it a lot easier when taking on larger jobs and moving long distances. It will also allow us to improve the international moving service, putting us in a position where we can offer better rates per cubic feet to the client,” explained Mr Perry. “Having an 18-tonne vehicle is also good for general office moves as we’ll be able to fit a large number of crates in it, especially the heavy ones that tend to hold important documents such as files.”

Ultimately, for Top Removals, it all comes down to giving the customer more convenience and move options.

“Our main goal is to better the services that we currently provide. We’ve got to where we are today by always holding ourselves to the highest standards and striving for excellence. By adding a large 18-tonne vehicle to our fleet, we’ll be taking a couple of steps forward in that regard, cementing our position as the number one moving team in the area.

If you need help with an upcoming move then contact us today to speak with one of our experienced representatives or visit our website for a free quote.”

Top Removals is a leader in the removal industry. They’re located in East London and have experience in abundance, working with individuals, businesses, and organisations to help them to move their prized possessions in rapid time without a hiccup. They provide professional packing, storage and removal solutions among others.

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Stephanie Cooper

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