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Upsizing And Downsizing When Moving In To A New Housing

posted: 16/02/2016

Our expert movers give their best and practical advice on how to downsize or upsize when moving from a house to a flat and vice versa. Anyone who’s ever had to switch between a flat and a house can tell you that there’s a big difference in maintaining both dwellings.

The first difference is the size and as we know from popular belief sometimes it is the utmost important thing.
Flats are usually more space and economically efficient and are the preferred place to live for single people, couples with only one child and residents of urban metropolises. They are more easily maintained and have a certain coziness that just makes you want to cuddle up next to the window with a good book in one hand and the majestic sight of the big city right in front of your nose.

Houses, on the other hand, have the heartwarming feeling of a true home and easily invite into their abode families with two or more children and pets. They offer plenty of space to let your imagination go wild with decorating them or creating a beautiful garden.

When moving from a house into a flat you’ll have to get ready for some downsizing. It is an excellent way to save some money for the mortgage as the utility bills are going to tangibly fall. You’re going to have to throw away, sell or donate some of your old furniture and belongings. If your brand new flat has basic appliances get rid of any large ones that you already have. Art is always valuable so keep it. Worn out and old clothes that you haven’t even thought of in years can easily be discarded or given away for donation or recycling.

If you possess plenty of items which you still cannot decide what to make with, be sure to take advantage of our excellent storage services. As the leading removal specialists for the Central London region we provide 7 days a week readiness, affordable prices and friendly relations to our customers.
Moving from a flat to a house can be a lot more complicated than the vice versa process. You’ll have much more space to roam around in and which you’ll have to furnish. So take any old furniture with you that aren’t too frowzy or mauled. Take the necessary time to plan the organizing and filling of each room.

Try imagining that process one room at a time so that the overall design is not too chaotic and inconsistent. If your new housing has several bedrooms or studies do not fear and leave a few of them empty at first. The full concept for your new home will clear up with time.

Purchasing the new furniture can be a tedious task so either buy quality products one by one or find discount offers and get several items at once.
Houses usually take more time to furnish than flats so don’t rush to do it right after you move in. It will surely take some time as your utility bills will go up in comparison with the ones you had for the flat.
Also, move in the large pieces of furniture first so that you don’t have to trip on or move big boxes later.
And notwithstanding if you’ve purchased and moving into a three-story Victorian house a small and cozy apartment, be sure to make use of our outstanding London removals and storage services. Our employees anticipate your call!


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