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6-8 weeks prior to moving

Moving planner from Top Removals LondonWhen you are moving house it is of vital importance that you plan the move well ahead of time, making sure that you’ve covered all of the important details, and giving yourself enough time to organise. When you are 6-8 weeks out it is the right time to decide which items to get rid of and which of your items you will be taking with you to your new home. It is also a good time to purchase packing supplies, ensuring when packing time comes you’ve got all the materials needed to box up your goods with limited risk of damage and losses. We have a number of moving boxes that you can buy for all of your packing needs, and once used you can dispose of them safely or donate to a charity. Researching the town that you’re moving to is also a good idea if you’ve not done so already.

4-5 weeks prior to moving

When you are this close to moving it is best to contact a Post Office and let them know of your move. Informing people of the move is easy with a Change of Address form.

We’ve compiled a list of organisations and people who will likely need to know the address of your new home.

  • Employers and schools (If you have children)
  • Your family and friends
  • Gas, electric, water and telephone companies should also be informed of the move
  • Creditors
    Insurance providers, building societies, and banks
  • Doctors, vets, dentists, etc

It is the time to take a look at what you own and decide what must go and what can be left behind. All items such as old books, magazines, broken items, old toys can be left behind.

Organise your move by deciding and making lists of what items you will not transport, what items Top Removals will move and what items you will move yourself.

Make a decision on who will do most of the packing or all the packing. It is a good idea that you let us do most of the packing. We know the best methods for keeping items safe; that’s what we do for a living.

Get your kids involved with the moving process too. Let your kids do some packing and let them suggest a layout for their new room. Make it fun and exciting for them to move.

3 weeks prior to moving

Only 3 weeks until you are moving to your new house? Now is the ideal time to get in touch with an elite removals company and inform them of what goods you intend to move and when. It is important, also, to create a distinct list of items which you intend to pack yourself and the items which you need the removals team to pack and move.

Preparations for your pets, if you have any, should also be arranged. Not only will your pet need to be transported to your new home, but you may also need to make necessary arrangements for veterinary care if you are moving far.

And don’t forget to start returning items borrowed from family or friends, and collecting your own valuable personal belongings such as photographs and jewelry – you wouldn’t want to lose either.

2 weeks prior to moving

It is 2 weeks before the move and by now the excitement and nerves should be starting to kick in. Now is the best time to thoroughly clean your house, making sure that you’ve gone through all of your drawers and cupboards – accounting for all of your possessions. Once you’ve let the utility companies you use know of your impending change of address it is worth seeing if you need to store your items. If you find that you do need to store some of your items then our storage solutions are ideal. We can provide you with secure, 24/7 storage for your possessions.

You will also want to ensure that your new home has internet, telephone, gas and electricity set-up because when you move into your new home you will surely want to hit the ground running and have a transition which is as smooth as possible.

1 week – a few days before the move

By now you should have everything boxed up and ready to go, and if you haven’t already you will want to start labeling your boxes – this way the removals team will know which boxes to take. If certain boxes are more important than others it is best to label them as such. Common stickers are “Load Last”, “Do Not Load” and “Fragile”. You can write directly on the box for any further instructions for the moving team.

You should also make sure that people know how to contact you in case there is an emergency situation at short notice. And you will want to organise all payments to the removal company that you are using.

Also, remember to clean your household appliances and defrost items in your freezer. If this all sounds a bit daunting then it might be worth hiring a professional cleaning team. Top Cleaners are a great choice and their friendly team will give your house a thorough once-over, providing you with a professional clean the likes of which you’ve never seen. We can also get rid you of any waste or household junk with our efficient and environmentally friendly disposal service.

The day before the big house removal

You are moving tomorrow and it is now time to pack all of your essentials – tools, toilet rolls, food supplies, cleaning supplies and throwaway plates, for example – so that on arrival at your new home you have everything necessary. Your essentials box can be taken in your own vehicle or in the back of our removals van, ensuring that it is the first to be unpacked.

Leaving your home

When our friendly driver arrives you will want to make sure that you are around, this way you are in a position to oversee the loading process. If being present yourself isn’t possible then consider having somebody else stand in for you, and provide us with a contact number in case we need to get in touch with you for any further assistance.

Arriving at your new home

You will want to be at your new home before the removals team arrives with your possessions. Creating a plan of where your possessions need to go, as well as ensuring that all of your utilities are connected, will help make moving day a smooth one.

You will also need to pay any outstanding fees to the removal company or to the team leader.


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    Just wanted to say many thanks to the guys who helped us to move, they were amazing, there is no way we would have managed without them, they were very efficient, friendly and helpful and we were very...
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    Just would like to give a very positive feedback on the crew who did my move today. They worked hard and fast, and efficiently. Thanks
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