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What Do You Need When Moving Into Your First House

posted: 29th July

keys to first house in LondonOne of the most important occasions that mark the start of adulthood if getting your own place for the first time. It could be a house you share with a couple of friends or a small fat just for yourself, it doesn’t matter. The point is you have finally moved out, out of your parents’ house and are ready to conquer the world. However, a lot of young adults find the process of relocating from one place to another stressful and they easily get frazzled with all the things that need their attention. To help them during this important life-changing event, our London movers have some pro tips and tricks.

Moving Checklist

If this is your first time moving away from your London home, you will definitely need to rely on a checklist to remind you of all of the important things you need to do. For starters think long and hard about the following questions:

  • What do I really need to take to my new place?
  • If I don’t have transport, how am I going to transport all of my boxes?
  • Can I buy some of this stuff later and not pay extra on moving fees?
  • What is my moving budget?

If you have an answer to all of these, you are halfway done with the planning. Now for the actual checklist, you can either download a pre-made one from the internet or make one yourself. We advise you to do the latter. This way it will be custom made and in accordance with your needs. However here are some highlights to guide you in the right direction.

  • making a moving checklist for a relocation to LondonBuy packing materials – tape, bubble wrap, boxes;
  • Pay all utility bills for your new place and don’t forget the rent. This includes water, electricity, gas, internet.
  • Start packing at least two to three weeks before the moving date.
  • Find a removals company. If you don’t have a lot of boxes, consider working with a man and van services. They are many reputable and trustworthy movers in London that can help you.

How to Prepare Your Belongings

Packing is an essential skill when it comes to changing homes. Being your first time, you probably don’t have a lot of experience and will probably make some mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, if you are not careful you can actually damage your items. That is why keep in mind some of these professional packing tips:

  • Use medium size boxes as larger crates are heavier and the cardboard can get easily ripped.
  • If you want to rely on plastic containers, pick the ones with handles as they are easier to carry.
  • Place the heavier item on the bottom and the lighter on top to prevent them from getting crushed.
  • Label all boxes, so you know what is inside. Remember to put a “Fragile” sticker where needed.
  • If you just washed your clothes/rugs/pillows/bedding make sure everything is completely dried off before packing it. Do not put damp items in
  • your moving boxes as it can get mouldy very easily. Not to mention the nasty smell, it will start to emit after a couple of hours.
  • Pack an essentials bag with all your toiletries and a spare change of clothes. You never know what can happen on the road.

Removals Mistakes Reviled by Our London Movers

Sometimes the best way to learn a valuable lesson is by making a mistake. Nevertheless, when we are talking about moving your life from one place to another you really want to minimise them as much as possible. If you want your London removals to go as smooth as possible try to avoid the following moving mistakes:

  • no - removals mistakesDo not overstuff your moving boxes as your belongings can get easily damaged.
  • Avoid using old newspapers and magazines for wrapping as the ink can get easily transferred to your items.
  • Do not put plants in the moving truck/van. Take them with you in the car.
  • Avoid procrastinating for too long. Just take the bull by the horns and start packing. The sooner the better.
  • Don’t be too trusting with your moving company. Do a little research and pick the most suitable one.


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