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What to Expect from Your Professional Movers

posted: 27/01/2020

The most common advice you will receive when people hear you are about to relocate is to hire a moving company. But do you know what to expect as far as the service go? As removals experts, we have come to the conclusion that most customers are unaware of how to prep their home and belongings or what they need to inform their movers in advance. To help all those who struggle and make the working process smoother we have collected a couple of valuable tips on the topic.

What You Need to Do Before the Movers Arrive

house moving checklistBefore your moving contractors come you need to take care of a couple of things around the home. Even if you have booked a packing service, you still need to do these things. Do not expect your movers to go and check every room in your London home for you.

  • Make sure all of your boxes are properly labelled.
  • Take pictures of everything so in case something unexpected happens, you will have solid evidence of the initial state of your items.
  • Check all boxes, containers and wrapping, all need be sealed perfectly.
  • You must go around the home and check for any items that you may have skipped when packing.
  • All of your personal papers, as well as the insurance documents, have to be in place.

Protecting the House During the Moving Process

You want to keep both your old and new places in good condition during the whole moving process. This is something that again you need to do on your own.

  • Put plastic sheets or old blankets on the floor. This will protect it from scratching and getting dirty.
  • Make sure all taps are properly locked.
  • See if all windows are properly closed and there is no way rainwater or snow can get in your old place.

These steps may seem simple, but you have no idea how often people forget to close a screen door or window and their flat ends up flooded.

Time to Move the Furniture

lifting a sofa in LondonThe important thing when moving the furniture from your London home is to decide how are going to transport it. You have 3 options, depending on the type of furniture you own and the material it is made of.

  • Completely disassemble everything and then package it.
  • Remove some parts, lie your couch cushions and leave the “body” intact.
  • Transport the furniture as it is.

You must be very gentle when preparing your pieces of furniture for the long journey to your new home.

  • If you are disassembling everything, put each part in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. All bolts, nuts and small particles must be put in a ziplock bag and labelled accordingly.
  • The soft parts like pillows and cushions must be sealed in containers or vacuum bags. Either way, they need to be completely dry, to avoid the development of mould.
  • The pieces you are transporting whole need to be tightly packed in old blankets or bubble wrap and then sealed with large plastic sheets. The idea is, to protect your furniture from the elements.

What about Your Fragile Valuables?

When transporting delicate items you need to be super careful. Follow these steps closely. They will either ensure you transport everything safely or receive a proper refund.

  • Always make insurance. Things happen, and you need to have proper legal protections.
  • Use plastic containers for the most fragile items.
  • Cover everything in bubble wrap and use old sheets or even sock as bedding
  • Avoid using newspapers or magazines as packing materials. The ink can easily transfer on your belongings and damage them.
  • Labelle all boxes and containers or use tape with a “Fragile” sign. These boxes must be placed on top of the others. Do not place anything on them.

tipsIs Tipping Movers Necessary?

Tipping is an expression of gratitude for the hard work your movers have done. If you are happy with the end result, you show it by giving them a small tip. If there was something in their behaviour or way of doing things that are not up to your standards you can always refuse to tip them. It is not something you are obliged to.

Remember to Tell Your London Movers

In the end, you need to remember that your movers are only human and you need to give them some additional information about your home and belongings. Do not assume they know everything. Communicate everything with your removals coordinator this way both sides will feel comfortable.

  • You can give instructions to your movers when they are loading the truck. You can inform them which boxes or furniture you will need the most, so these will be the first things that come off the truck.
  • Label properly all crates containing fragile items and notify your movers about them.
  • Do not distract the movers or attempt to load boxes in the truck without their knowledge.

Pets and Kids: What about Them?

It is dangerous both for children and pets to be around when your belongings are being loaded. Small kids tend to run around uncontrollably, and we guarantee you your move to London will be a nightmarish experience. That is why consider leaving them with a relative or a family friend. After everything is done, pick them up and you are ready to go. As for your pets, if the animal is not in a cage or aquarium, find yourself a pet sitter a.s.a.p. Speaking from the point of view of a reputable London removals company, both you and your moving crew will feel less stressed if you are not distracted by chasing the kids or searching for the cat.

Stephanie Cooper

Stephanie is a content marketing specialist for Top Removals for the past several years. She has extensive experience working with moving companies and knows her audience. Stephanie creates engaging and useful content helping the customers of Top Removals with their struggles and providing them with the most accurate insight.

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