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Why Have a House Relocation to London in 2020

posted: 30/12/2019

LondonThe old year is almost over and its time to think about the fresh opportunities the new one can present us with. If you are contemplating moving to the British capital, 2020 is the time to do it. You don’t believe us? Check up these 8 reasons why London is one of the most desirable destinations to relocate.

1. Lower Rents in the Suburbs

Altho purchasing a house in London is still quite expensive, renting is a great option. Not to mention more and more people prefer to move to the outskirts of the city to avoid the crowds, pollution and the overall inconvenience of living in the centre of a metropolitan. As a professional London-based moving company we observe a slow but steady migration of people towards the more calm and secluded suburbs.

2. More Work Opportunities

Here you can find all sorts of jobs, there is always a hunger for quality workers. There are a couple of business parks and incubators as well as numerous start-up centres. You are a freelancer? No worrier, London has some of the best shared-space offices. You want to work in retail or in the food industry? The British capital can offer you a large variety of different shops and cuisines you can explore.

3. Higher Wages

Some say life in London is not cheap, and you need to have a serious budget to move here. However, the wages here are considerably higher than in most parts of the country. If you find the right job, you can expect to earn good money for your hard work.

London university

4. Great Education

English education is one of the most highly prised in the whole world. If you managed to enter in one of the prestigious universities and colleges, you can be certain you will have a favourable start in life. And if you want to both study hard and experience the big city you can always move off-campus and rent a cute flat in the London suburbs.

5. Social life

Tired of the monotone life in the small town? Annoyed at your neighbours who know and gossip about your every move? Well, London is the city for you. Here you can meet new people and become a part of the diverse and multicultural life in the capital. There is always something happening here from festivals and galas to film premiers and carnivals.

6. Freedom of the Big City

Leave or prejudice and worries aside. Here you can be free from the constant judgment of the small village. Take part in the London pride or go and check out a tattoo expo. Experience freedom like never before. Londoners will amaze you with their nonchalant and friendly attitude.

7. You Don’t Have to Worry About Transportation


Leave your car behind and enter the new era of public transport. London’s infrastructure allows you to reach practically every corner of the city without the need for a car or taxi. We advise you to use the Tube as much as possible as it is the fastest. You want to go on a trip to Paris – just catch a train and in a couple of hours you will be sipping tea under the Eiffel Tower.

8. Home to All Cultures

Regardless of your race and ethnicity, you will find a place where you feel welcomed in London. With so many cultures bound to one place, the city is a colourfull mish-mash of traditions and festivals. You can celebrate the Indian Diwali Festival and welcome the Chinese New Year. Don’t be afraid to move to London, you will discover people are more accepting and welcoming than you think.

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