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Crate Hire

What Are The Perks of Top Removals’ Crate Hire

The best way to minimise the environmental impact of your next office or house relocation and avoid cluttering your property with packing materials is by using plastic containers.

As an eco-friendly moving company, we at Top Removals take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our crates are sturdy and durable, the material from which they are made allows them to be used safely multiple times. After every use, each one is properly disinfected and ready for its next customer.

What You Need to Know About Our Crate Hire

Crates are delivered a week or two prior to the scheduled move. We then collect them from the new address, when required. This can be on the day of the move, or a week or two after the completion. You can easily combine our crate hire with the man and van service for small volume move in the capital or the surrounding areas.

We need to have signed acceptance of our offer and terms & conditions prior to engaging in any services for any clients. The customers get a delivery note with the number of crates received and then a collection note for the number returned. This helps keep the inventory up to date and avoid losing any crates on the sites.

What Crates Do We Offer

The Standard Lidded Crate (LC3) is one of the most popular types. The integral lid makes it safe and waterproof. In addition, we can seal it shut with our security locks. The LC3 is designed to store up to ten lever arch files which makes it ideal for office removals. You can use it to transport a variety of items including files, documents, folders, books, reports and CDs.

The Computer Crate (IT) is specially designed for moving your IT equipment. It is a lidded crate made from tough polypropylene. The crates are sturdy and durable and provide extra protection for your PC gear during the move or while in storage. IT crates can hold up to a 21″ traditional computer monitor, all sizes of computers and peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, headsets, etc.).

Price for Crate Hire Per Week

Crate typeDimensionsUnit cost per weekGeneral Use
LC3 Crate80 litre 60l x 40w x 35h£2.00Books, files, crockery
IT Crate165 litre 65l x 46w x 59h£3.80PC’s, technical equipment, servers

Crate hire in LondonLong and short term crate hire in London







Congestion Zone Charge for Crete Delivery/Collection

No of CratesInside Congestion Charge ZoneOutside Congestion Zone Charge
40 or More crates£41.00£30.00
Less than 40 crates£31.00£20.00

All prices are subject to VAT.


1. Do you offer only IT crates and LC3?
These are the most common type of crates which usually cover 90% of the packing requirements for an office. However, we can also source a range of other sizes. A quote can be obtained individually after more details are shared with us.

2. Can you hire crates for international relocations?
This service is only possible within the UK unless agreed in advance for a door-to-door international move across Europe. In such instances, our crew will unpack and collect the containers on the delivery date, as it is practically impossible to offer free collection of empty crates in Europe.

3. Can you rent a crate if you live outside of London or this is a service offered only for those who are in the capital?
Certainly, crates can be delivered and collected from any point in the UK. Since this happens by a courier, we would require some flexibility in terms of timings. The distance will be calculated in the delivery/collection fees offered.

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