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Our Fleet

An essential part of the moving services is the vehicles, each year we change or add a couple. This makes it possible to renew our fleet entirely within 3 years. Which means we always run new, modern, environmentally friendly and advanced vehicles. In addition, Top Removals has a contract with a couple of rental companies and can increase the fleet in times of need, usually during the summer.

As of 2020, our fleet consists of the following types of vehicles:

ModelDimensions and loading capabilitiesGeneral use
Iveco Stralis E6 460This 110 cbm road-train vehicle consists of a 26t truck with 18t trailer.
Permissible gross weight – 40t
The 19m long truck is used on our regular international removal service to and from Scandinavia. It is proven to be perfect for removals to Norway and quite stable in the unpredictable northern weather.
Volvo FH440A 110 cbm road-train vehicle that is made of 18t truck and 18t trailer.
Permissible gross weight – 36t
It is primarily used for the services to and from Scandinavia and Central Europe.
MAN TGL 12.180A 47 cbm truck that weights 11t and has a loading area of 8.10 x 2.50 x 2.30 m
Permissible gross weight – 12t
It is currently used on larger door-to-door domestic moves in and around London and the UK, and in the peak season – for services to and from Europe.
Peugeot Boxer Lo-loaderThis 3,5t van has 850cu ft volume and is specially designed and built to be used in the removal industry.
Permissible gross weight – 3.5t
Used for local and UK wide moves as well as for serving all council tenants.
Nissan NV400 Lo-loaderThe brand new van 850cu ft volume and can accommodate a load length of 4m with a payload of 1350kg
Permissible gross weight – 3.5t
A very advanced and economic vehicle, used for local and UK wide moves.
Fiat Ducato Lo-loaderIt has 850 cu ft of loading space and is 7m long.
Permissible gross weight – 3.5t
It is ideal for London and UK wide moves.

All vans and trucks are equipped with advanced systems in the cab, which includes navigation, real-time warning when changing direction, air suspension for a smooth ride and reverse cameras. The large trucks are with dual sleeper cabs, offering the best possible environment for the long-haul drivers. Each van and truck is also equipped with all sorts of packing and cushioning materials. There is also lifting gear like straps, bars, trolleys and skates and a wide range of tools and drills. This way our movers can handle every unexpected situation they may run into adequately and efficiently.

There is no limit for the number of boxes and goods as long as the vehicles won’t exceed their permissible gross weight. And if you are relocating a large office with a big inventory, we will just use a couple of trucks or vans to deliver the services.


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