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Dormitory Move and Student Storage

This unique moving service is designed to cater to the needs of all students staying at dormitories and university campuses. Due to our long history in the industry, we’ve noticed sometimes our customers are unable to pack and transport all of their belongings back home. The recent COVID-19 crisis is a morbid example of that.

We will pack all of the content of the students’ accommodation and either store it safely or organise its return to the customer. Thanks to our network of trusted partners, we can ship it to any part of the world. As a member of BAR, Top Removals is held to high standards when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

What We Offer

  • Professional packing
  • Furniture disassemblyInternational Dormitory Transportation
  • Delivering to any point in the UK and Europe
  • International shipping worldwide
  • 24/7 security of storage units
  • CCTV surveillance in storage facilities
  • No hidden expenses and fees
  • Insurance can be included in the price
  • A large variety of additional moving services
  • Safety measurements against COVID-19 spread

Dormitory Packing and Delivery in the UK

Our movers will go over to your dormitory, collect and neatly pack all of your items. We will bring all the necessary materials and will make sure everything is professionally wrapped. The boxes will be safely loaded and transported out of the campus. Afterwards, we will deliver them to your current UK residence. There is no need for you to be present during any of the described steps. Our student dormitory move comes with insurance included in the price of the service. You don’t have to pay any extra fees.

International Dormitory Packing and Transportation

The content of the student’s accommodation will be packed in a way that will protect them during an international move. Everything will be double-checked and loaded in the van. From there we will either deliver it using a moving truck or ship it in a container. It all depends on the final destination.

The student shipping option comes with standard limited liability cover included in the price of the relocation in addition to which we can offer an upgrade. Top Removals strongly recommend the open cover insurance policy to everybody who wants to move to Europe or to another part of the world outside the UK. You can discuss our plans when you contact our moving coordinator. Based on a decade of moving experience, we know how to transport your belongings safely and with care.

Professional packing service

Student Storage

Every so often customers doesn’t want their stuff delivered to them. In such cases, we can offer another safe option. Instead of transporting your belongings, we will place them in our storage facility. You will have your own unit which you can access wherever you want or can. All of the boxes will be moved directly from the dormitory and will be properly arranged.

Top Removals offers a 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance of all units. Sometimes, it is more budget-friendly to put your items in storage than to have to pay to get them shipped to you. We offer short and long-term student storage, so there is no time pressure. In addition, if you wish us to return your items to your dormitory or another place, we could do that as well. Contact our moving coordinators to discuss the details.

What Do We Need from You

  • Exact information about what we have to pack.
  • You need to inform your university or the head of your dormitory, so we will gain access to your room.
  • Give us the address you want us to deliver or ship your items.


1. I have just one large wardrobe that needs to be transported. Can you help me?
Certainly, Top Removals has excellent single item delivery service, and we can even extend it outside of the UK. Contact our moving coordinator to discuss the details and get a free quote. We will be happy to help you.

2. Is there a way to safely move my paper files and books across the UK?
Yes, there is, and we can actually offer you an eco-friendly solution. There are specialised plastic crates you can hire for the duration of your move. They are lidded and seal completely to prevent water damage. We can deliver the crates straight to your dormitory and then collect afterwards.

3. Do I have access to my storage unit?
Of course, however, you need to notify us in advance for your arrival. You can also add more things to your storage. For more information about our warehouse options, please get in touch with our coordinator.

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