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5+ Smart Storage Solutions For Small Spaces in London

posted: 25/11/2019

Living in London comes with its downsides one of which undoubtedly is how small flats and apartments are in the British capital. This means you don’t have enough space to arrange your home the way you wish and sometimes you need to be very creative. If you’re not a fan of minimalism, worry not, we have prepared some pretty clever storage solutions for your London flat that will help you feel less robbed of stuff and much more organised.

wall racks in a London house1. Wall Racks Behind and Above All Doors

The space surrounding each door is a hidden storage potential for every homeowner in London. Installing hangers and wall racks can quickly utilise the area and prevent clutter in wardrobes and drawers. Not to mention how easy it’ll get to reach your favourite books or a jacket when you need them. Wall racks are versatile pieces of furniture that can come in handy in every living situation and there are tonnes of ideas on Pinterest about the types of shelvings and how to style them. So make sure to have them in your flat where possible.

2. An Extra Shelf Above the Toilet

When living in a tiny space, every centimetre counts. Nothing is worse than a bathroom so cluttered, you need to find your toothbrush with a map early in the morning. To get some extra storage in your London bathroom, use the space above the toilet. You can hang a free-floating shelf and place on it all the items that are cluttering your floor and vanity. Goodbye mess, hello well-organised home!

3. Functional Furniture That Doubles as Storage Containers

To squeeze out every last bit of ideas on London storage, we suggest, you get furniture that can be used for stocking some of your stuff. Even if that means selling a couple of your current furniture pieces. The logic here is that since your horizontal space is already limited, you should make the most out of the vertical areas as well. Luckily, many items can be used as storage solutions, and if you can’t find them on the market (which is highly unlikely), you can always create them. Some example items are an ottoman, a high-raised bed, or one with a storage compartment, a coffee table with a couple of shelvings, a sitting bench with storage baskets underneath, etc. Your imagination is the only limit here, so go wild.

drawer organisers in London

4. Use Drawer Organisers as a Storage Solution in Your London Home

Organisers are the easiest way to get your belongings under control. Using them allows saving space in any and all of your rooms. You can quickly organise your kitchen utensils, office supplies and toiletries, and never lose track of your stuff. Did we mention they are quite cheap as well?

5. Fill in The Corners of Your Rooms

Nobody ever thinks of utilising the corners of a room. Until you move to a tiny apartment, that is. Only when you run out of storage space in your London home, you start to get creative with it. Corners are perfect to get some shelves installed and displaying your ever-growing collection of books or perfume bottles.

Additional Tips to Get Some Storage Space in Your London Home

1. Get familiar with your floor plan and use it strategically This is best done before moving to your small flat but can be applied even after that. Having a look at your rooms from a different perspective will help you figure out where to put what. Rearrange your furniture to save space and introduce new storing capabilities. For instance, you can replace the bulky sofa that takes half of your living room with a couple of chairs and some storage baskets underneath.
2. Declutter your home Obviously, less stuff means more space. And in our context, it means more usable space for the things you most love and use. We advise you to reevaluate and purge your belongings at least once a year.
3. Consider investing in a storage unit – Renting a self-storage unit in London is one of the best things you can do if you don’t want to get rid of your stuff. The facilities are a safe and secure way to store everything you don’t need at the moment, be it for a short period of time or long term. Storage units are also quite affordable in the London area so before purging or selling your precious belongings and mementoes, consider renting a personal storage space.

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