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London Storage Tips: How to Properly Store Your Winter Sports Equipment

posted: 03/06/2019

It is almost summer and it’s time to bring out our canoes, bikes and camping gear and prepare for some fun. For the inhabitants of the British capital, this means its time to pay a visit to their self-storage as most London homes are quite small. Owning or renting a place outside your home where you can store all seasonal equipment and tool you don’t need on a daily basis is a great way to keep your home in order. There are many tips and tricks when it comes to arranging the items in your storage units and we will share some with them with you. So let’s get your summer gear out and teach you how to properly store your winter sports equipment.

Prepare Your Skis for the Summer

store your ski gear in a London storage

The number one rule for storing skis is that you need to wax them before placing them away for the summer. This will create a protective layer on top of the metal ski bottoms and prevent them from rusting. Here is what you need to do:

  • Clean your skis from leftover durt
  • Polish them to remove all rusty stops
  • Wax them carefully
  • Place them in a ski bag or wrap them in a plastic sheet.
  • Place them in your unit either facing up or straight on the ground. If you pick the first option, remember the fronts of your ski must point upwards.

Your storage must be dry, and you need to able to control the temperature to avoid damaging the surface of your skis.

Don’t Forget to Place Your Ski Boots in Your London Storage

Ski boots much like regular shoes need to be cleaned and washed before they are put away for the summer. Remove the inner part and wash it. Place it back in the boot only after it is completely dried off. When you are getting ready to store your ski boots, you need to remember to buckle all of the hooks to prevent the plastic from losing its shape. After all is done place the boots in a box, plastic crate or a bag. Do not place anything on top of them when you rearranging them in your London storage.

What about Snowboards?

store your snowboard in a London storage unit

If you are an adventures type, you may be a snowboard lover, in this case here is what you need to do:

  • Use a soft cloth and water to clean your snowboard from the leftover mud and dirt. Avoid applying any detergents as they might damage its surface.
  • Remove the bindings and wash them separately.
  • You can either go to a professional or do the following by yourself: sharpen the edges of the snowboard, remove the rust and wax it.
  • Put it in your snowboard bag or wrap it in plastic
  • When placing it in your London storage make sure to secure it properly and leave it standing on its tail.

Much like the ski gear, the snowboard is ideally preserved in a dry, cold place. This makes storage units perfect for the job.

Winter Sports Accessories in Your London Storage

Regardless of the sport, you practise you will need to make space for al additional equipment like helmets, protective gear, goggles. Our storage experts have a couple of good tips for them:

  • Avoid touching the lenses of your goggles and always use a microfibre cloth. Place them in their original box or buy a specialised container for them. Make sure they are stored in a dry spot where nothing can accidentally scratch them.
  • Remove the inner part of your helmet and launder it. Place it back when its all dried off. Thankfully helmets are easy to store. You can put it in a bag or plastic container.
  • You can treat the protective padded shorts and snowboard armour like any other piece of clothing. Wash them by hand while following the manufacturers’ instructions, dry them, fold them and neatly place them in a plastic create containing all of your other gear.

The Right Way of Storing Ice Skates

store your ice skates in a London storage

Last but not least let’s talk about ice skates. Depending on the material they are made of, there are a couple of different approaches when it comes to storing them.

  • Leather skates must be cleaned only with a specialised detergent. Avoid rubbing them with hard brushes or sponges. Rather use a soft cloth or towel. Make sure to apply a good amount of leather conditioner to prevent the material from cracking.
  • Textile ones are the easiest to prepare for storing. Use a sponge and some soapy water to clean them. Make sure they are all drier off before putting them away.

You need to sharpen the blades and wax them. The perfect way to store ice skates is by placing them in a cloth bag, so they can breathe and avoid rust and mould problems.

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