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Free Boxes and Where to Find Them – Tips From London House Movers

posted: 25/02/2019

Boxes and packing materials are the essence of every move. Everyone seems to associates moving with boxes and vice versa. And these cardboard creations can either be the most expensive item on your moving list or can come as cheap as dirt.
As a corporately responsible London house removal company, we have a thing or two to share with people who are looking for budget-friendly relocation solutions. In the following lines, you will find out where you can get boxes for your upcoming move. For FREE!

The Best Place to Find Boxes for House Removal Services in London

It’s the Internet. That’s right, there are a couple of major websites on the web where you can find free boxes. Those are:

  • cardboard boxesGumtree – created in 2000 as a small-scale community website for buying and selling small items, Gumtree is now one of the most popular websites in the UK. And guess what? Along with thousands of items for sale, a lot of freebies can be found on Gumtree. This includes a wide range of free boxes of various shapes and sizes.
  • Freegle – the whole idea of the website is to connect people who want to give away their stuff with others who are looking for free items. Among the used appliances, furniture, toys, and other household items, one can find boxes and other packing materials for no money at all.
  • Freecycle – a giant network with millions of users that are committed to limiting waste by recycling and upcycling different things. Naturally, moving boxes are among those items, and they will gladly share them with you.
  • Facebook groups – there are a lot of local groups of boroughs and districts in London on Facebook. There, you can ask the people in your neighbourhood for any spare boxes. All you need to do is to collect the boxes from their homes.

Ask Local Stores for Boxes for The House Removal Services in London

Boxes for a house move to London

Stores of all kinds receive their goods in packages. So why not relieve them from the disposal duties and pick up the boxes? Check the following places for free ones:

  • Grocery stores – naturally, grocery stores are the first in our list of local places where you should look for free boxes. A lot of the things on their shelves come in boxes that you can use for your move. Simply ask someone from their staff if they can keep the packaging and arrange a time for you to collect it.
  • Liquor stores – most alcohols come packed in boxes of some kind. And while some are too small, others are perfectly suitable for people who plan to move.
  • Pubs, bars, and restaurants – just like grocery and liquor stores, local establishments have their drinks and food delivered in packaging that can be used for moving. Make sure to check with the popular pubs and restaurants near you first. Since they have more customers and receive goods frequently, you’ll get a full set of moving boxes in no time.

Ask Friends Who Have Used House Movers Recently

Do you know someone who has relocated to London recently? Well, that’s your lucky day, isn’t it? You can simply ask them if they still have their spare boxes to give you. Additionally, friends or family members who have moved recently can advise you about the packing materials.
You can also check with:

  • Colleagues – if you work in a big company, chances are some of your coworkers have changed their residence in the past couple of months. If you know of such cases, don’t be afraid to ask them not only about a reliable London house removal company but also wheater or not they have any boxes or crates left.
  • Neighbours – most people know how big of a hassle the moving process can be. It’s no surprise then that people often help each other in such situations. So, ask your neighbours if they happen to have any boxes or anything else that can suit the purpose. Even if they don’t have any, they can lend you suitcases which are great for moving not only clothes but also other home belongings.

Keep in mind that, even though finding free crates is great, you can end up spending a lot of time searching. Furthermore, boxes become less durable after the first use. This increases the risk of damaging your items. And the insurance of most London house moving companies is valid only if they did the packing. That is why many people prefer to buy high-quality boxes or hire crates from their London house movers.

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